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How to win Indian Rummy: A Q&A Guide

Indian Rummy is a card game that is popular not only in India but across South Asia as well. As this is a competitive sport, every player wants to win rummy. Here are certain techniques that can help you become an expert at the game and beat your opponents.

Tips to win Rummy

Use the Joker card carefully

If properly used, the joker can be your best friend in order to win rummy. This card allows players to quickly form a set or an impure sequence simply because it can be used in place of any other card. One important thing to note is when you have been dealt the cards, it is necessary that you carefully arrange the joker cards, arrange in your hands the remaining ones and try to find where Joker can be used to create imperfect sequences. 

This is also quite helpful in determining which pure sequence should be formed first. Never use a Joker card to form a pure sequence, unless you are dealt an excellent hand i.e. your card has already been melded and you are ready to declare.

Watch your opponent’s discarded cards

While playing, keep an eye on which cards your opponents discard at the table to win rummy. By doing so, you’ll be able to work out whether a card you are putting into the discarded pile can be used by your competitors. This is a very good strategy, especially when it comes to defence. However, players are advised not to resort to this practice all the time, as in some cases it could cost you the game.

A pure sequence should always be your first priority

Even experienced players ignore this strategy from time to time as they become engrossed in melding their cards in sequences and sets. You should wait for the one card needed to meld a pure sequence. Always remember that you need to have at least one pure sequence to make a valid declaration. Players should keep multiple options open to improve their chances of winning. Once a pure sequence is formed, you can focus on the un-melded cards in your hand.

Try to calculate the probability of getting certain cards

A fascinating fact about Indian Rummy is that the outcome can be changed by using concepts related to probability. Once you do this, there is no more need to rely on luck to win rummy.

Dispose the cards surrounding Joker card

Though most players know that the Joker can be used to meld impure sets or sequences, many still don’t realize the potential of this card. Once its true value is unlocked, you can become a much stronger player, even when there is no Joker in your hand.

Since most players try to form an impure sequence using the Joker card, forming a pure sequence with them is unlikely. Hence, players are advised to dispose the cards surrounding the Joker. This move is sure to confuse other players but timing is of paramount importance. Also, observe how other players are picking their cards before trying this option to win rummy.

Before discarding the face cards, think carefully

Face cards such as the Jack, King, Queen and Ace are worth more points. Hence, players should discard them, in the beginning, to reduce the total value of the cards in their hand. In order to confuse your opponents, you can pick up face cards of other players from the discarded pile to confuse them in order to win rummy. However, note that this technique can only be used during the game’s starting phase.

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