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How Trivia Games Can Be Both Fun and Informative

What is a Trivia Game?

The dictionary definition of trivia is rather odd. The Cambridge dictionary relegates it to information of less value. If you talk to a hardcore quizzer, they will say that is not the case. Even if you are not one, there is no harm in knowing factual details about the world around you. It is a small but very detailed world with way too many things happening simultaneously. The only chance of you getting to know even some of these facts is by playing trivia quizzes.

Now, on the other hand, are you someone who enjoys your weekly trivia night? There is a lot of takeaway from playing the best online trivia games out there, so nothing should stop you from indulging in crazy quiz nights right within the comfort of your home—grab a drink or two, gather a few friends over, and put your brains to work. Since the pandemic took over, online trivia games have been played over video conferencing software as virtual events. Whether it is a virtual trivia night or an in-person event, a trivia game offers plenty. Categories of topics include general knowledge on Pop Culture, Science, Entertainment, History, Geography, Sports, Nature, Current Affairs, and more.

Why Play Trivia Games?

There are plenty of benefits to playing trivia games. Let us dive deep into a few:

1. Trivia Unleashes The True Potential of Your Mind

Trivia possesses the power to unlock the human mind’s true potential. Companies, big and small, use trivia games to improve their employees’ mental performance and add to creativity. Playing online trivia games helps enhance brain and cognitive development. It could also lead to better decision-making and problem-solving skills over time.

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2. Effective Cross-Training for the Mind

Playing trivia games supposedly contributes to better creative thinking, which comes with its share of competitive advantages. In that case, trivia games have a pivotal role to play in making us mentally stronger. One can attribute the learning by answering questions correctly in a virtual trivia quiz to a productive mental cross-training exercise.

Based on the various trivia game styles, our brains have to process a multitude of topics simultaneously. This, in turn, pushes it to more significant limits by effectively trying to manage all the details you know regarding a specific subject. It enables our brain to find the correct answers to trivia questions by individually associating with them. Not to sound clichéd, but a human brain is a fascinating place. Trivia games also help keep the mind sharp as factual recalls lead to an increased engagement of the frontal cortex.

3. A Healthy Dose of Dopamine But No Addiction

Playing virtual trivia comes with the added benefit of a chemist boost to our brain’s happiness-seeking spot. The rush of dopamine that we feel every time we attend a virtual trivia night and gaining bonus points by answering first is something pure yet vulnerable.

However, the good thing in the case of trivia games is that the rush occurs without any adverse effects that can result in habit-forming, such as gambling. Knowing these random trivia facts adds to positive mental health.

4. Fun in Social Circles & Gatherings

These days, no party at a house is complete without a trivia round. Usually, there’s a one-person host who asks the trivia questions and oversees the whole game. Each team or group has to answer within a specific time limit or else, the question gets passed onto the next one. More than just an intellectual test, there are also various prizes to be won. Some trivia quizzes tend to follow a particular theme, but most would not.

Trivia quizzes come with some positive social effects too. The fun of knowing the correct answer to a question, getting behind the winning team and cheering them, and creating a friendly vibe overall makes the experience much better.

5. Technology Makes It Super Convenient

Conducting a virtual trivia night is no longer a tiresome affair. Now, we can organize online trivia quizzes on the go as most people now have smartphones and would readily sign up for one. Trivia quizzes could be one of the few occasions where you get actually to learn something new as opposed to simply scrolling on social media.

Online trivia quizzes could also help you get acquainted with your devices better and improve agility. It often involves selecting the correct answer with the help of a dab or a click within a time limit. These games are usually free to download and can be found across Android and iOS platforms.

If you’re looking for a list of fun online trivia games, we have the list right here. 👇

What Are Some of the Best Trivia Games to Play Online?

1. MPL Quiz

mpl quiz

Playing MPL Quiz comes with its share of advantages. The gaming platform allows you to select the battle you wish to play from a diverse range of categories – including general awareness, world history, Bollywood, Cricket, IPL, and lots more. So, the choice is yours. You can either one-up your opponents in categories you specialize in or enhance your knowledge in ones you are yet to dig into.

These games are fast-paced and packed with an exciting competitive element. Not only does it enhance your general knowledge, but it also allows you to win real money rewards. Don’t think twice about downloading the app and playing a quiz battle right away. There’s no perfect time to start! But before you start, you must read the best tips to win MPL Quiz Battles.

2. Quizmaster Trivia Live

Every Tuesday and Thursday night, you can join Quizmaster’s pub quiz trivia and play. If you’re looking to turn it into a fun little event, you can even have the trivia quiz host download and distribute the answer sheet PDFs to your guests. They can then have a look at each participant’s scores and pick a winner from the lot.

We all love the themes featured on Quizmaster Trivia, including pop-culture favourites such as Friends, Lord of the Rings, Friends, and the classic films and songs from the ’90s.

3. BuzzFeed Quizzes

Almost everyone must be familiar with the supremely addictive and engaging Buzzfeed quizzes. You never know; you might be surprised to find out how much you know about your favourite show (such as The Office and its iconic characters) or how intrinsically old we are, based on our choice of cupcakes. Yes, you heard that right – there are some very odd quiz categories out there on the world’s favourite pop culture website.

You can always use a few of these multiple-choice quizzes as inspiration for your virtual trivia night questions or host a trivia night that revolves around using Buzzfeed’s Quiz Party feature itself.

4. Trivia Maker

An ideal choice for your upcoming virtual event either at work, within your social circles, or to add engagement to virtual classrooms, Trivia Maker has four different game styles to choose from. These include List, Grid, Multiple Choice, and Wheel. Pick the design that best works for your event, and Trivia Maker will do the rest.

The best kind of learning happens when you have fun, and Trivia Maker is a shining example in that regard. Maybe, our virtual meetings can do with some more fun and a little less boredom.

5. Trivia Crack 

Trivia Crack is yet another fantastic virtual trivia game that you can play on your smartphone. The spinning wheel in the game is split into seven sections. Six of them feature unique categories such as Science, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Geography, and History. The final one is a “special” category or Crown. As the spinning wheel stops, the player has to answer a question from the picked category.

Every correct answer adds to a portion of the Crown gauge visible on the screen, while an incorrect answer gives the opponent a chance to answer. The game is two things – simple and exciting!

If you’re just starting out, our guide to quiz games will surely help you excel in quiz games and win big.


Even before the pandemic pushed people to stay indoors, trivia games had their fair share of enthusiasts. Now that everyone is well acquainted with their smartphones, the developers of online trivia games are pushing the envelope even further. There’s way too much to explore in this niche – we want you to experience the best ones available and make the most out of playing them.

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