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Popular Hyper Casual Games for a Fast-Paced Gameplay

In the world of gaming, we do not need a high-end console or a PC. All you need is a smartphone in your hands to dive into the magical world of hyper-casual games. In the mobile game genre, casual games have taken precedence in recent times. Within only a few years, one-third of the world’s population has turned to gaming, and the number is increasing each passing year.

Hyper Casual gaming has become a global phenomenon and has boomed in the past year. And the trends in 2021 do not seem to be declining anytime soon. The users for hyper casual games in India and worldwide have increased, especially during the pandemic.

In the latest news, mobile gamers are constantly rising in the upcoming years. These games contribute considerably to the ad revenue as well.

What are Hyper Casual Games?

Hyper Casual Games are video games that are easy to play. As the name suggests, they are mobile games where the USP lies in their simplicity. This interface is so simple and engaging; it hardly requires any tutorials. These are primarily free games, and because of their simple interface and mechanics, minimal design, they provide enjoyment and are addictive as well. They offer instant gameplay, and you can replay as well. They are available on Android app stores (like Google Play) and well as iOS app stores.

Why are Hyper Casual Games so popular?

The user interface is quick and easy, has a minimal design, has a relatively easy set of instructions and is equally fun. It is the perfect way to pass time entertainingly. Mobile gaming, especially the hyper casual genre, is booming. Hyper casual games need coordination, skill and exact timing to ace and win. These games cater to a wide audience, mainly from the age group of 18-65+, with a varying degree of income and interests.

According to statistics, 1 in every five games is hyper casual. These games are expected to continue dominating the charts for the next few years as well. The amount of release titles is also likely to soar.

Why are Hyper Casual games dominating the market?

Hyper casual games are widely popular due to many factors, as we have read earlier. The vast demographic also shows how diverse the casual gaming world is. The hyper-casual gamers later can enter the world of advanced gaming as well. The genre is popular because:

  • You can play them on your smartphone
  • They are straightforward
  • The games have uncomplicated mechanics and not many controls to remember
  • Every game lasts only about a minute. Hence the instant gameplay and replayability factor is high
  • They are highly addictive

The reason why people choose to play hyper casual games is multiple. Statistics suggest that people mostly play these games to relieve stress, pass the time in an entertaining way, get the feeling of being accomplished in a match, connect with new people, play with friends, or have a completely new experience.

List of Hyper Casual Games You Need to Play

Here is a list of top hyper casual game titles that you can play on the get-go: These games are available on the MPL Live app. Download these top hyper-casual games on your app and start playing!

City Surfer

hyper casual games - endless runner game
City Surfer

The first hyper casual game that you need to play on the MPL app is City Surfer. In this game, players run left and right, swipe up and down to avoid getting caught. Collect hoverboards and save your life. You can also collect coins to earn extra points. There are 2 game formats: a battle format to play against one or more players, a tournament format to play a high score, and a leaderboard rank to win prizes. Know why City Surfer is one of the best running games out there.

Baseball Stars

Baseball Stars

Baseball Stars is a skill-based hyper casual game. For playing this game, tap to swing the bat. Play till time runs out. The maximum number of shots played will earn you more points. Swing towards the fences, right or left and follow the instructions. If your bat hits the strike Panel, you lose points. 3 strikes, and you are out! You can opt for either battle or tournament game format. 

Block Puzzle

block puzzle game
Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is another hyper casual game that needs a player’s attention. Block 3 pieces of the puzzle of the same colour. Beware of your moves too. Once you’re out of cool moves, you will lose the game! Play against one or more players or play in a tournament to get a high score. This casual game is for everybody, and also one of the best brain games out there. Just take your mobile phone and download the MPL app now!

Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch is a mobile game where you match colours to go ahead to the next level. The more colours you match through various objects, the more points you earn. If you compare with the wrong colour, you lose points. Earn power points inside the object to earn more. Highly entertaining, colourful this hyper casual game is addictive! One of the best games to win cash online, you can battle against 1 or more players and beat their scores to win. You can also play a tournament to win a high score on the leaderboard.

Space Combat 

Space Combat

Another hyper casual game that needs a player’s undivided attention. To play this, shoot missiles from your space rocket to get maximum points. Hit as many targets as possible within the given time. Use power capsules to save astronauts as well. This game has turned out to be one of the best action games in Android as well. With straightforward gameplay, this game is quick and highly addictive. In Space Combat, you’re the real star!

Speed Bingo

Speed Bingo

Similar to a regular Bingo, this casual game is identical to the original one. To play this casual game, tap on the number announced to DAUB. Each successful DAUB that you make is filled in the Power-Up bar. Activate the Power Up Bar. After getting the numbers tap on Bingo. Another fun game to earn cash!

Fruit Slice

hyper casual game- Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice is a skill-based fruit game available on the MPL app. The goal of the game is to cut or slice as many fruits in a circular rotating array of fruits until the player misses to hit any single fruit for 3 times. It is a fantastic game on MPL where you can cut fruits, score high and earn real cash. Being one of the most played games on the MPL app, the game is also available in 1 vs 1 battle mode.

Fruit Dart

hyper casual game- Fruit Dart
Fruit Dart

Fruit Dart is a fun online dart game available on the MPL app. The objective of the game is to throw knives and slice the fruits popping up on the screen. The player has to touch anywhere on the screen to release the darts. With every fruit sliced, the player scores points. If the users hit two or more fruits with the same knife, the player is rewarded with extra points. You can also collect the power-ups that come up along with the fruits. Fruit Dart is a game that involves the coordination of vision and reflexes. If you want to score higher points, you have to be quick but careful not to hit the bomb.

You can play this popular game on MPL in a 1v1 battle mode or challenge yourself by playing tournaments and win real cash prizes.

Runner Number 1

Runner Number 1

Runner No.1 is an endless running 3D video game. The gamers here control an explorer being chased by a bear across different terrains. The player’s score depends on how long they run without colliding with obstacles like falling off cliffs. Collect some Power Up points on the way as well. They must also stay ahead of the bear that is chasing them! Download this fun game on the MPL app.

Monster Truck

Monster Truck

Monster Truck is a fun truck racing game where you control a truck on hilly terrain. You have to perform stunts while the truck is in the air and help it land smoothly on the ground.

Monster trucks are top-rated and extensively used in various racing and mud bogging events across the world. If you want to experience the thrill of driving a Monster Truck, then try MPL’s Monster Truck game, which you can play online and earn actual cash too! To

Go Ride

Go Ride

Go Ride is a bike racing game. The objective is to go as far as you can without crashing. You score points based on the distance you cover at high speed. More points to you if you can rise fast and avoid collisions with other vehicles. There is no time limit, and the game ends only when your motorcycle crashes. Go Ride is an online racing game that you can’t stop playing! This game is available exclusively on the MPL platform, and you can earn real cash by competing with other online Go Ride players.


online archery
Online archery game

If you wish to try your hand at Archery, try this hyper casual game on the MPL app. Hold and drag your position to aim at your target. Release to shoot at the target. The wind affects the target, so be careful! The player with the maximum points wins. Get ready to master Archery on the app now. Here’s a guide on how to hit bull’s eye in online archery.

There you have it! You can play these games on the MPL app right now. As previously mentioned, you can try out all the games for free, or you can play and earn cash as well. Happy gaming!

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