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Important Rummy Game Jargons You Should Know

Rummy is a well-known game of cards. It is one of the most popular ‘draw and discard’ card games in India. People usually play rummy during the festive season, but online rummy allows us to play anywhere and at any time. A player’s goal is to form a particular sequence by drawing and discarding. Repeating this process throughout the game improves your hand, and you get the desired sequence.

There are rules and regulations that you must follow like any other game. It is played between 2 to 6 players. If you want to communicate effectively or understand the game in general, then you should know certain terms. These are easy to grasp, and you get the hang of it after a few games. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist, you only need the will to learn, and half the battle is won.

● Deck: You probably know this one, but we don’t want to take any chances. So, a deck of cards is a pack of cards. Every deck has 52 cards, and these are vital for the game. Some rummy games are played with two deck of cards and some with only one.  

Closed Deck: 13 cards are distributed at the beginning of each online rummy game. The pack of cards that remains undealt and is kept face down is known as a closed deck. 

● Open Deck: These cards are placed on the table facing up. When a player discards a card, it lands in this pile, and therefore, it is known as the open deck. 

Dealer: A dealer can be picked anonymously or by tossing. On MPL, dealers are assigned randomly.  

● Jokers: The joker card is an elixir in rummy; this should also be kept in mind when you play rummy online or anywhere for that matter. The wild card joker may be selected randomly at the very beginning of a game, and the deck of cards may also contain the picture joker. It holds importance because it can be leveraged as any card during the entire game. 

● Sequence: A sequence is formed when three or more consecutive cards with the same suit are aligned together. There are 2 types of sequences in a rummy game. You need to have at least one pure and impure sequence to be in a position to declare after completing all your melds.

1) Pure Sequence: It is recommended to sort out your pure sequence first by grouping cards of the same suit. For example, 4-5-6 of diamonds.

2) Impure sequence: An impure sequence contains a joker. If you run short on cards, a joker can be used here. This is precisely why the Joker is so important in this game.

3) First life: To ensure a valid ‘declare’ (when your combinations are achieved), you need to have a minimum of two sequences, out of which the first one has to be a pure sequence, and this goal / target is said to be first life.

4) Second life: For a valid ‘declare’, your second mandatory sequence can be a pure sequence or an impure one. This goal of completing the second run / sequence is referred to as second life.

● Sets: Sets are cards with the same rank but different suits and they also contain jokers, these are usually a group of three or four cards.

● Score: Sum of all the cards that are no longer a part of any sequence or set is a player’s score. The score for all high-value picture cards (including Ace card) is 10 points, while joker carries 0 points, and the remaining cards carry points equivalent to their numerical score.

● Draw & Discard: When you select a card from a deck, it is ‘draw’. If you draw, you must ‘discard’ any card to the discard pile of cards.

Drop: If your cards don’t seem good enough to complete the melds quickly, you have the chance to drop out of the game. When you play rummy online, you may drop out at the beginning or towards the middle of the game – just that it has to be done before anyone emerges as the winner.

Unmatched Cards: If your opponent wins, a few cards remain in your hand which do not contribute to forming any sequence. These cards are, however, added as points, they are called unarranged or unmatched cards.

Variants: There are different types of rummy games that one could enjoy. The three main types are points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. Try your hand at these and find the one which best suits your style and gameplay.


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