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Important Tips to Win 8 Ball Pool Game Online

Playing a game of 8 Ball Pool online is a great way to have some fun and entertain yourself. Some online players simply play for fun and don’t worry much about winning or losing a game. However, there are some highly competitive 8 Ball Pool players who would love nothing more than to be the best. If you are a competitive online 8 Ball Pool player who wants to win every game they play, here are some helpful tips to help you become a champion. 

1. Understand The Rules

Online 8 Ball Pool has a well-defined set of rules that players have to adhere to. Unlike playing the 8 Ball Pool game offline, players cannot agree upon which rules apply to their game. Therefore, it is important that you know the rules well, and make good use of them. Certain rules can be helpful towards beating your opponent such as – a) Nominating a pocket before potting the 8 Ball, and b) Not hitting the designated ball is a foul. 

Other key rules to keep in mind when playing online 8 Ball Pool are as follows; 

c) If the cue ball does not hit the edge of the table after each shot, the opponent can claim a foul. They can then place the cue ball anywhere they like for their shot. 

d) In case of someone potting the cue ball along with the 8 Ball, that player will lose the game. 

There are many other rules that you can read up on the app itself. Always make sure you read the rules thoroughly. 

2. Always Break Strong

When you begin the game with a strong break, the likelihood of gaining the upper hand on your opponent is higher. A strong break either ends up potting a handful of 8 Ball Pool balls for you or gives you an opportunity to spread them out across the board. The latter gives you more chances to pot the balls and beat your opponent. 

For the strongest break in online 8 Ball Pool, you can rely on two of the most commonly employed techniques. Hit the ball at the very top of the triangle with maximum power, or hit the edge and try to break the triangle with a reverse bank shot. Both these techniques have proven to yield great results in online 8 Ball Pool games. 

3. Make Good Use Of The Power Bar 

The Power Bar gives online 8 Ball Pool players greater control over their game than any other feature. Mastering the use of the Power Bar can make or break your 8 Ball Pool game. Some shots require a delicate approach, whereas some require a stronger shot that makes the cue ball travel across the pool table. This can be achieved through mastery of the Power Bar. 

By adjusting the Power Bar in online 8 Ball Pool games, players can accurately pot the ball and be in a good position for their next shot. However, learning how to apply the right amount of power is not easy. One must practice, and become an expert on how to use the Power Bar in online 8 Ball Pool to really improve their game and make it extraordinary. 

4. Sharpen Your Aiming Skills

Getting your shots right is perhaps the most important part of winning a game of 8 Ball Pool. Online games like Carrom, Basketball, 8 Ball Pool and more require a level of accuracy that can be difficult to achieve without ardently practising for it. 

Sometimes, players even use tricks to outwit their 8 Ball Pool opponents. These tricks include using a piece of paper or any other object with a straight line to figure out the straight line, or an angle. This trick helps players figure out the perfect way to hit the object ball with a cue ball. Thus, the chances of potting the ball are much higher, which also gives them a better chance of winning the 8 Ball Pool game. 

5. Pick Stripes or Solids Carefully

After a strong break, it is imperative to pick the right set of pool balls if one wishes to win the game much easily. Players must consider the number of balls on top of the table, and their positions when picking Solids or Stripes. When a player goes for a strong break, a number of balls might end up being pocketed. Sometimes, your opponent might break and not end up pocketing any. If you are playing second, always look over the position of the pool balls before you make a choice. Go for Stripes or Solids, whichever is the easiest to pocket. To win is to sometimes make the smarter, and obvious choice.

Can’t wait to try out everything you just learned? Start playing online 8 Ball Pool games with some of the best players by downloading the MPL App. Have lots of fun, and begin your journey towards becoming an expert today with these 8 ball pool game tips.


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