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Indian Rummy Card Game – Tips to Help You Win!

Do you love playing the Indian rummy card game? Read below to learn about the most important tips that can help you to win Indian rummy game consistently.

Rummy has become so popular that several variants of this game have evolved over the years. Different rummy game variants exist in different parts of the world with slight differences in terms of the rules and the number of players with which it is played. You will observe variants where 13 cards or 21 cards are dealt at the beginning. The Indian rummy version is the 13-card game that has been traditionally played over the years in the offline world and now also in the online world.

While the number of cards may be different, the objective of the rummy game remains the same – to make card groupings to form at least two sequences (with one being a pure sequence mandatorily while the second one can be impure) and any number of sets. In that sense, rummy is a simple and fun game that tests your skills to the core. There are no complex rules that can confuse the newbies. You can quickly learn the basics of rummy and start playing as a newbie. But, you need to put in dedicated efforts to devise the right strategies. This is where you need to get hold of the best rummy tips that can help you to achieve more success in the Indian rummy game. Some of them are discussed below.

Discarding High-Value Cards

Unless you see your high-value cards like A, K, Q, and J helping you to quickly form any sequences or sets, it is preferable if you can get rid of them quickly. The reason is that you may not always be the first player to complete the rummy hand. When you are not the first one, you get points allocated to you. And since high-value cards carry 10 points each (which is quite high), you would do well to have none of them with you.

Focus on Leveraging the Middle Cards

The middle cards like 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. are pretty versatile and can potentially help you to make your card groupings quickly as maximum combinations are possible using them. Also, some players may not value such cards and are likely to discard them easily. If any of your opponents does that, and you are aiming to form a related sequence or set, the discarded cards could prove useful to you.

Closely Monitor Your Opponent’s Moves

This is one of the most important Indian rummy tips to follow. You can have enough time to think and act while playing the Indian rummy card game. In fact, you can easily focus on your own cards and also keep a close watch on what cards are being discarded by your opponents. It may also happen that an opponent picks up a card from the discard pile. These kinds of moves from the opponents can give you a better idea about the sequences or sets that they are trying to make. You may avoid discarding such cards which could prove useful to your opponents.

Resort to Continuous Arranging and Rearranging of Cards

When you are dealt with the 13 cards at the beginning of the Indian rummy game, you are likely to arrange your cards on the basis of your initial thoughts about which sequences can be formed. But, as you start playing your turns, it is vital to keep rearranging your cards so that you could think of alternate combinations that are possible, instead of sticking to the initial target combinations. As you draw a card every time, it might open up opportunities for different combinations. And regular re-arrangement, as well as juggling, can help you to avoid missing such opportunities that could take you closer to a win in that game.

Don’t be Emotional in Wanting to Play Every Game till the End

If you are a beginner to Indian rummy, you might have the temptation to play more turns and reach till the end in every game. For starters, you cannot win every rummy game. Secondly, you get points in every game that you don’t win. And you need to keep your points to a minimum. Once you identify that forming the meld is getting tougher with every turn, you could decide to drop the game. Many players are hesitant in doing so, but if you have a real bad hand and chances of your win are negligible, it is advisable to drop the game and reduce the points.

Focusing on the Most Important Grouping – the Pure Sequence

Remember, you may have formed two impure sequences (using joker cards) and one or two sets to have a good hand. But, you cannot win in Indian rummy till you form the pure sequence. So, do not commit the mistake of focusing on forming the sets before you have formed your pure sequence. You only need to have two sequences (with one of them being a pure sequence) to emerge as the winner. Set your priorities right – get your pure sequence first and then focus on other groupings.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned rummy game tips can help you to formulate winning rummy strategies when you play Indian rummy the next time around. These Indian rummy tips are easy to follow and implement. All you require is to be alert, smart, and disciplined.


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