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Can the Rummy Game Be Considered as a Game Of Skill?

Rummy is one of the most common card games that people across the globe love playing. And with the digital revolution in place, rummy has also gone online. In fact, rummy online has gained even more popularity among the masses. There are various reasons why people love rummy online games as their favorite pastime; the real-life benefits, engaging nature, and entertainment element, among others. But there is one debate we often encounter: Is rummy a game of skill? The answer to this question is that rummy is definitely a game of skill. Yes, we need the luck factor, in general, in all the situations in life but to solely call rummy the game of luck would be wrong.

In fact, a survey conducted by a market research firm YouGov states that 38% of adults in the US believe that rummy is a game of skill and not luck. The reason is simple, rummy online is a card game in which the ultimate aim is to make sets and sequences as early as possible, which comes with strategic and statistical skills. The players also need to maintain diligent focus and patience throughout the game while also noticing and observing the opponents’ moves. This all can not definitely be done just with the mere factor of luck. 

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Five reasons for calling rummy a game of skills

Let’s have a detailed look at the reasons why the rummy card game is called a game of skill and not the game of luck.

Strategy Plays an important role

There is no second thought on the fact that a rummy player needs to have a well-formed rummy strategy in place in order to win the game. Now, this strategy obviously comes with a lot of practice. In fact, in many cases, well-planned strategies also fail several times that leads to the players trying to strategize in a new and different way. All of this demands cognitive skills and the right attitude from the players. But a devised strategy proves to be beneficial for the players in two different ways; it helps the rummy players meld their cards at hand in a better required time and also reduces the opponents’ chances to win the game.

Involvement of Mathematical and statistical competency

It is believed that a rummy player needs to possess mathematical and statistical dexterity to master the game. If not, then the chances of winning the game automatically lessen down. On the other hand, rummy players also tend to sharpen their mathematical, cognitive, and statistical skills after years of practicing and playing rummy. Swiftly calculating points in hand, compartmentalizing the strategy and implementing it when needed at the right place, carefully watching opponents’ moves, all of this work needs to be done simultaneously, and it requires a skill set. This directly proves that the winning probability does not at all depend upon the luck factor of the player and demands something more than that.

Intelligent reasoning is needed

We all know how stressful the rummy game becomes when played with sincerity. All the players keep on using their brain cells in making sequences and sets as per the then given situation, while also noticing and remembering opponents’ moves. In that pressured and tough scenario, the player needs to make wise decisions that definitely need proper decision-making skills. To decide which card to discard, when to draw, or when to declare, how to utilize the card that the player picked up in that mentally demanding situation needs skills and can not be left solely upon luck to play its part.

Judgment by Indian Supreme Court

What else could be said, and who can question the judgment of India’s highest decision-making body, the Supreme Court. Yes, the Honourable Supreme Court of India, in its judgment, declared that the rummy card game is not gambling but a sheer game of skills. The verdict that came out on August 18, 2015, was a boon and an affirmation to all the rummy players. The verdict revealed that the rummy card game needs high intellect and definite skill sets to play the game and is not alone, dependent upon luck.

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Patience and right emotional intelligence

Having emotional intelligence is a general requirement for life, and this requirement also extends to the rummy card game. Having the right emotional balance and maturity throughout the game, given the stressful situation that might arise during the game, is also a skill that the card game demands. Further, considering the long duration that the card game of rummy stretches for also requires the player to be patient all the while. Now both these skills can be improved with time and are definitely needed to play the game

Hence, try and not to depend upon luck and work upon the skills that rummy demands as it definitely is a game of skill and not only luck.

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