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ISL FAN Wall: An evolution in Indian Football

ISL Fan Wall is the latest technology which will enable fans to show their support through LED screens in the stadium.

It was introduced in the latest edition of the Indian Super League. With the interruption caused by Covid-19, the tournament organisers tried to provide the fans with a unique opportunity as they could directly connect with their favourite teams.

With all the games being held behind closed doors, the ISL fan wall followed the footsteps of the English Premier League and brought new technology to India. Fans featured in two led screens in two parts of the field as they soaked into the atmosphere of a packed stadium.

ISL broadcasters had the challenge of bringing the supporters outside of their comfort zone and they were successful to some extent it can be said. The nationwide lockdown forced people under unprecedented times and the hero ISL emerged as the morale booster for the Indian people it seemed.

The official process of the Fan wall is very simple. One needs to register with their contact details on the given link on the official ISL website and they can participate then by selecting the required fixtures.

Fans are an integral part of football and clubs like Kerala Blasters, SC East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan boast a vast amount of supporters and Hero ISL encashed in the opportunity to promote football in various remote parts of India.

Hyderabad FC became the champions of the seventh edition as they triumphed Kerala Blasters in the final via a penalty shootout. The Indian Super League is considered to be a pioneer in Indian Football and it will help in shape the betterment of the current scenario of football in the country.

ISL Fan Wall: Will it be back next season?

With covid cases declining the next season could witness the return of the supporters in their respective team’s stadium as only three venues in Goa were used for the tournament. Till the semifinals games were held behind closed doors and the ISL management allowed a number of crowd in the stadium for the final game.

It remains to be seen whether the fan wall gets to see another season as it was definitely a hit given its popularity among the supporters. Football stadiums may see the supporters back but it could be in controlled capacity as the pandemic is still hovering large.

There are many supporters who cannot afford or cannot make it to the stadiums on a daily basis and the Fan Wall will bring them the chance to get a part of a major sporting league. It should be there in the next league too as it could open up the possibility of more fans connectivity.


How can the Kerala Blasters fan register for the FAN Wall?

Kerala Blasters supporters need to register on the official ISL website for the required fixtures.

What is ISL fan wall 2021-22?

ISL fan wall is the new way to connect fans with teams in the midst of this pandemic


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