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Learn how to boost your win rate in the online poker game

As a regular online poker player, you may be using different tips and tricks to boost your win rate in every game. But if you are a novice poker player, enhancing your win rate may still be a mystery for you. Irrespective of the kind of player you are, you must know the tricks to increase your win rate in the online poker game.

The key to winning consistently in online poker is not solely based on the cards you possess, but it involves a lot of factors that not only increase your chances of winning but also make the game thrilling and exciting. Your poker strategies and skills and your ability to make the most of your table position are the major contributing factors to your win rate. 

Online poker players face stiff competition and have to deal with the variance of players. There are numerous reasons you must work on your strategies to increase your win rate. Sometimes, you might have to make some minor adjustments or adopt unconventional strategies to win the game. This article is all about strategies to boost your win rate in online poker with minimum effort.

Tips on improving the win rate in online poker game

Limit playing multi-tables

Playing multi-tables can either be a hit or a failed strategy as it may be effective sometimes, but isn’t a good strategy to ensure an increase in the win rate. To increase your win rate, it’s best to play fewer tables so that you can focus on each game comfortably. If you play multi-tables, you may just reach above break-even. Experienced players know that playing fewer tables helps them remain focused and improves their performance. Therefore, the first trick is to limit your tables and focus on fewer games.

Find a good table

When you are playing online poker, you don’t necessarily have to be the best player in the game. But, what will help in increasing your win rate is being the best player at the table or at least better than the majority of players on that table. For this, you need to carefully find a suitable table. In case, you are on a table that is going bad for your game, it is wise to quit and find a better table than to kill your win rate.

Analyze your opponents

Keep a close eye on your opponent at all times. Observe and analyze their traits and actions to figure out their strategies and moves. Based on your observation, you should make adjustments to your moves. It’s easy to pick traits on tables that have fewer players. Therefore, the table you choose when you play poker online also helps while analyzing your opponents.

Keep your emotions in check

When playing a game of poker, always maintain a ‘Poker Face’. An important tip that will complement your online poker strategy is to control your emotions. It’s easy to get nervous, annoyed, or excited during the game which may negatively affect your game. If you don’t keep your emotions in check, you will make it easy for your opponents to analyze you and your strategy. Staying calm and composed without showing any hints of emotions helps your strategy to stay strong and eventually you might be able to increase your win rate. 

Get aggressive with the weaker opponents

Try to identify weaker players to gain an advantage over them. Players that try many pots while risking very little with lower stakes are usually beginners or weaker players. You can get aggressive in the game if you spot weak players by playing more hands and expanding your range. Try to play more pots with the weaker players on your table.

Be careful with your bluffs

While bluffing in poker is a good strategy to enhance your win rate, you need to be careful with your bluffs. You must be extremely good when bluffing so that you aren’t caught by your opponents. Rethink about the hand you are representing before you bluff and whether you will be able to represent it strongly. If you choose to bluff, try to have a backup plan ready as alternate plans make bluffing more effective. So, if you get called while bluffing, you still have the chance to hit your long shot and win. 


Poker is a mind game that requires skills and strategy to win the games. You have to avoid mental mistakes at all costs and stay focused on the game if you want to win. All of these strategies will spike up your win rate if you use the right tips and tricks at the right time and formulate a strong strategy. 

Are you confident enough about all the tips and tricks and can make a strong strategy on the real battlefield? You can download the MPL app and start playing online poker to work towards boosting your win rate.

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