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Ludo Board Game – How has it Remained Trending Through the Ages?

It is quite interesting to think about how an ancient game like Ludo made it so far into our modern world. Read about India’s favourite board game’s journey, Ludo.

There were many online gaming options available for the masses when the lockdown started. Even well-established games with millions of players were in the market competing against online ludo. The ludo board game won the hearts of millions of players during the tough times. Amongst competitors who created games with complexities, online ludo took the counter-intuitive route and built a simplistic board game. It revived this ancient game in times of crisis, and people have been loving it ever since.

The online ludo board game has set a benchmark for its competitors. No one foresaw that online ludo would be so relevant even today. It is wonderful to see people playing with their loved ones and creating memorable moments through ludo, even in such difficult times. It will go down in history as one of the greatest board games that could be enjoyed and played by almost everyone. So here’s all you need to know about ludo and get more people on board with you.

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Out of many, here are a few reasons that contributed to ludo’s relevancy and popularity:


Ludo is such an ancient game that it becomes difficult to trace the origins, but the earliest findings on this game are carvings on caves. These are located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and go famously by the name of Ajanta and Ellora, a famous tourist spot. It was also a part of a great Indian mythological story called Mahabharata. All these pieces of evidence can be used to assume that Ludo originated in India.

Origins of the Name ‘Ludo’

Everyone knows the history of Indians and Britishers. Alfred Collier was one such Britisher who added a few modifications in the original game ‘Pachisi’ and registered a patent for it in the UK. He named it ‘The Royal Ludo’. Now, this is the most commonly used name and is also adopted by the online ludo game community.

Throughout the World

Ludo first went by the name of Pachis, Chausar or Chopadi in India, but as it spread out across the world, the name kept changing. People also modified the gameplay to suit their needs. For example, the British added dice and cup to the game and called it ludo. Eventually, it was called ‘Uckers’ by their Royal Navy. It also became famous in Spain as ‘Parcheesi’. The Chinese like to call it ‘Chatush Pada’ which translates to four cloths. It also reached Africa and now goes by the name of ‘Ludu’. 

The Simplicity of Ludo 

Ludo was already a simple and straightforward game, it doesn’t require many calculations like other board games. If you play ludo online, this becomes even easier and hassle-free. A player only needs to compete against others by rolling the dice and take his pieces forward to the final destination.

More Than A Game

A lot of people in India grew up playing this game, especially the kids born in the 90s. As mentioned earlier, ludo is simple to play and that is exactly why kids enjoy it so much and it becomes a game that brings nostalgia as an adult. People who play ludo online have got a chance to relive their childhood in this lockdown, and they aren’t holding back.

Final Thoughts

Online ludo emerged out of the blue and rescued millions of people from boredom during this pandemic. Here’s how you can beat boredom with Ludo. The ludo board game has taken over the online gaming community, and now you know why. We have given you the key takeaways that helped ludo to flourish through ages. Tell your friends about the ludo game and let them also experience the joy of playing online ludo board games on a reliable app like MPL.


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