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Ludo Board Game – Transitioning from Offline to Online Ludo!

Ludo is one of the most popular games of all time. Online ludo has proven to be even more efficient than traditional ludo. Let’s see how a simple game like ludo took over the online gaming platforms.

Ludo was the most played online game during the lockdown. It overtook many other games with high-end graphics and complex gameplay. Millions of people were spending their time by playing online ludo. We cannot blame them because the game is highly engaging and you don’t feel like stopping once you learn how to play it. Traditional ludo is going out of fashion for now because most people are playing games on mobile phones, consoles or PC in this era. The ludo online game makes up for all the shortcomings of traditional ludo.

The ludo board game is loved by all Indians because it ignites nostalgia. It is highly competitive and good pass time, especially during the lockdown. All kinds of entertainment options were available during the lockdown, from streaming services to video games but Indians settled on playing ludo because it allowed them to spend time with their loved ones who were far away from them. Here are a few reasons for you to play online ludo if you haven’t already.

Fair Play

An online ludo game has a random algorithm. There are no chances of repetitions or favouring one player in the game. It often happens in traditional ludo that a player misses their turn because they weren’t paying attention and no one keeps a track of it. However, playing online ensures that you do not encounter such problems and someone’s turn is never skipped.

Play Anytime

If you crave to play ludo during a short break while working from home then you do not have to worry about gathering players or the material needed for the game. One can just open their phone and play ludo online at any time of the day. So now you don’t have to cram while working, have a little bit of fun and play ludo.

Play Anywhere

Enjoy playing ludo in bus, trains, cars or during any other boring journey you have to take daily once work resumes. As of now, you can play ludo almost in every corner of your house as long as you have an internet connection. So you don’t have to make any extra arrangements like setting up a place for playing ludo. It is available right within your phone.

Play With Random Folks

In case your friends aren’t down for a game of ludo or you just want to play at an odd time, you can still play with actual people. Online ludo game connect you with other people who are looking forward to playing at the same time as you are. So you don’t have to wait around for anyone if you’re in the mood to play.

Reduce Stress

Most people cannot fathom the current world scenario. We can already see people’s mental health deteriorating. They are worried about their finances, job, health and other things. Let the online ludo game come to your rescue and help you by keeping your sanity in these unpredictable and difficult times.

Digital Gameplay

In offline ludo game, there are many limitations that the online ludo game community has resolved. It is available on your mobile phone and that alone puts the online version at an advantage in many factors. The digital form of gameplay makes it much easier to play ludo. 

Connect With Loved Ones

People are stuck in places and cannot travel anywhere due to the lockdown. Playing a ludo game online will bring you closer to your loved ones. Even though you aren’t physically present with them. You can still create moments filled from joy with each other.

Automated Movement

In online ludo, you just have to click on the dice and then click on the piece you wish to move. This is so better than calculating how many steps you are supposed to take all the time where there is an increased chance of your opponents tricking you and cheating to win. So, the automated movement promotes fair play.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why we should switch from traditional ludo to online ludo. It is a great alternative and it also preserves our culture. Moving forward with time and upgrading ourselves with technology is how people will withstand the new age revolution. Accepting that a game is built better online doesn’t degrade it. If you do not believe us, then come play the ludo board game on the MPL app


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