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Join National Ludo Series on MPL & Stand a Chance to Win up to Rs 2.5 Cr

Do you have what it takes to win a Ludo game? Well, you don’t have to be at the top position to win this upcoming Ludo Tournament! National Ludo Series from the 1st of April to the 15th of April will give out leaderboard prizes and tickets to the Grand Finale on 16th of April where the Top 2000 winners will be rewarded with exciting prizes up to Rs. 2.5 Cr like the Mahindra Thar. No, it’s not an April Fools’ Prank! Sounds interesting? Read on to find out all the details.

There’s no better deal than this. Play entertaining Ludo matches with thousands of online players and stand a chance to win real cash prizes and other exciting rewards. All you have to do is join special contests between 1st to 15th April ,play unlimited games to secure more wins/ cash winnings and place high on the leaderboard. Top 5 players of these  tournaments will get tickets to enter the Grand Finale.

How to Join the Ludo Grand Finale on 16th April 2022?

First and foremost, you need to download the MPL Pro app on your devices. Search for the Ludo game and join the special events – Leaderboards and Multi Battle Arenas between the 1st to 15th April 2022.

Rules to reach the finale

1. Play unlimited games in special events on Ludo Win between 1st – 15th April, 2022 to secure any Top 5 positions on the leaderboard.
2. Top 5 players of each leaderboard will be rewarded tickets to enter Grand Finale on 16 April 2022.
3. Win a battle to win a cash prize. Get additional rewards for number of wins/ cash winnings by the end of the event.

Note: To avoid losing a battle, ensure a stable internet connection. You cannot pause the game during a battle.

Details on the Grand Finale 

Top 5 players of every leaderboard in Ludo special events held between 1st to 15th April,2022 will be distributed tickets after each event to the Grand Finale. The other players can join the Grand Finale by submitting the entry fee as well. Here’s the distribution of tickets for the leaderboard winners:

Rules for the Grand Finale

  • The Grand Finale is also a multi-entry tournament where you can either pay the entry fee or use your tickets (earned in Ludo Win’s Special Contests between 1st- 15th April,2022) to enter the tournament.
  • Every time you defeat an opponent, you win the cash prize of that battle.
  • Play unlimited times to rack up your score and rank on the leaderboard.
  • The rewards will be given at the end of the Finale.

Rewards For Grand Finale

The winner of the Grand Finale will win a Mahindra Thar. Below is a detailed breakdown of the rewards and cash prizes of the Grand Finale.

Important Details & Rules

  • Top 5 daily leaderboard position holders will receive ticket(s) between 1st April – 15th April 2022, to enter into the final round (‘Grand Finale’) to be held on 16th April 2022. This will be a Multi-entry tournament.
  • All games and users participating in the Tournament are subject to Fair play checks.
  • Play special events in Ludo on MPL App.
  • Players found to be indulging in unfair play will not be eligible for any reward.
  • The leaderboard rankings will be updated after each contest.
  • MPL reserves the right to withdraw, amend, or alter the cash reward at any time and without prior notice to the contestants.
  • MPL reserves the right to resolve any dispute, and its decision is final and binding on the users in such instances.
  • For any queries, users can contact the organisers via the MPL Helpdesk, which can be found on the wallet screen of the MPL App.

Do read all the rules for the National Ludo Series here before you participate.

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