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Online 8 Ball Pool: Best Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Online 8 ball pool has eased the stress of lockdown for millions of people. The game is easy, it can be played by people of most age groups. It is easy to learn and online pool games are even easier. You just have to precisely hit the right balls and pot them before your opponent while avoiding fouls. Possibly one of the most entertaining games which can be enjoyed with our loved ones. If your love for online 8 ball pool has gone beyond that and you wish to master this game like a semi-professional then we have just the right tips and tricks for you.

Contrary to popular beliefs, 8 ball pool game is not easy to master. It takes some effort and grit to play it like a pro. But the feeling of accomplishment you get after winning a game is worth the grind. The best way is to practise it whenever you get the time and if you truly love the game, this won’t be a drag for you, so it’s a win-win situation. We believe that you can play like a pro if you include the following tips in your next game. Being consistent and following them in every game will take your gameplay to the next level within a few days.

The Break

When you break, you smash the cue ball into the hoarded balls for the game to begin. The aim of the break is to smash into the balls so they disperse across the table and you must pot at least one of them. Take care of your power and technique while you’re at it and aim to keep the white ball central to take shots in your next line up.

Choosing Balls

After the break, if you get the opportunity to choose whether you get to pot stripes or solids then choose wisely. Focus on which balls have been potted most during the break and which would be easier to plant.

The Plant

When you play pool game, you will come across many players who play ‘the plant’ or ‘connected shots’. In this you basically aim for a ball that connects with the next ball or the ball after that so it can be potted. These shots are played softly, a little spin will make you miss the shot.

The Double

When a shot seems to be tricky, such that it seems difficult to pot it in the middle or side pockets then it can likely go in the opposite pocket when you shoot it off the cushion. Aim for the point on your cushion which falls halfway between your object ball and the pocket.

The Draw Shot

The draw shot is like playing boomerang with your cue ball. In this shot, the cue ball hits your aimed ball and then returns to its starting position. This helps you gain control of the ball and you won’t ever say that online 8 ball pool game is based on luck.

The Cushion

This shot is played when the object is stuck on the cushion. It might seem tough for a newbie but it is fairly easy to play, especially in an online 8 ball pool game. Just hit the ball like you normally would, as if the cushion doesn’t exist. Make sure to not hit too hard and the ball will glide down the cushion into the pot.

The Masse

The Masse is the shot that appeals to the eye, also known as the ‘curve’ or ‘banana’ shot. Here you strike the cue ball hard and fast downwards, then it moves forward and bends in a position to skip the ball in front and pot the ball you want to. It might take some trial and error to master this one but you will eventually get there.

Final Thoughts

This is all you need to know for mastering the online 8 ball pool. Trying this online pool game on the MPL live app will give you the best playing experience. So start now and apply everything we’ve mentioned. Keep track of your progress and you will eventually see the difference. Even if you master a few of these with the basics, you will be better than the average player. So charm your peers with your 8 ball pool talent.


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