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Online 8 Ball Pool Game – Top Things to Remember for Every Player!

Like every other game, 8 ball pool also requires you to follow some basic tips that will improve your game. So stick around and learn about these tips here.


8 ball pool is one of the games that garnered widespread popularity in lockdown, thanks to the smart gaming experience that is available online. The physics and mechanics of this game have been already aced by the online pool game community. Now that more and more people are joining, we guess that you also want to hop on the bandwagon but don’t know where to start.

In that case, we got you covered. There are things that you should keep in mind while playing online 8 ball pool, but at the end of the day, it is a game of science and creativity. You do not need to analyze or think critically to play this game, just shoot your shot. Keep playing 8 ball pool and become a pro. To get you started, we’ve compiled five basic but very important tips to improve your gameplay.

Focus on the Break

If you get to break before your opponent does, this is a very good opportunity to begin your game. Try to hit hard in such a way that you pot as many balls as you can when they disperse. Some people pot even up to 5 balls or more in a single break. This gives you such an advantage over your opponent because no matter what, at least one ball is bound to be potted. So make sure that you take full advantage of your break even in an online 8 ball pool game. As you practice, you will know the right amount of pressure and force that should be applied while breaking.

Pick the Right Balls

If you’re the one who breaks and you get the opportunity to pick the balls, examine them by applying to criteria. First, you need to check which kind of ball has been potted the most while breaking. Second, you need to see what balls are aligned in a way that it is easier to hit and pot them one after another. This also applies when your opponent doesn’t pot a ball during their break, now you just have to pick the ones that are placed in your advantage.

Know About the Fouls

As someone who enjoys playing pool games, you must know about the fouls so you can avoid them while you play. Pocketing your opponent’s ball is considered a foul. Even when you touch the wrong ball or pocket the cue ball instead. These things will make you lose your turn. Finally, be aware of the 8th ball. Do not pot it before potting every single one of your chosen balls, or the game will instantly end and your opponent will win. Simply knowing about them won’t suffice, you need to carefully make your way around this to win against your opponent or you will have to face defeat because of silly mistakes. 

Take Proper Aim

There is nothing more important in this game than aiming. If you can aim while playing pool, you can easily win any game. This is also applicable for online 8 ball pool game because the physics of these games are so accurate. Take your time to find the best position for your cue, figure out the right amount of pressure and force that will be needed to pot the ball and lastly analyze the angles. These simple tips will improve your game by ten folds. As a beginner, you might not understand how to take proper shots, but as you play enough it becomes second nature. This is the one thing that you need to master without any excuse if you wish to play pool game.

Potting Multiple Balls

Sometimes, the balls align in such a way that you can pot them simultaneously by playing just one shot. You can either play a connected shot, rebound or any other shot that fits the situation. No matter what happens, do not let this opportunity go to waste but also keep in mind that you don’t pot your opponent’s balls while you’re doing this.

Final Thoughts

Yes, that’s it! It is just that simple. This is why the 8 ball pool game won millions of hearts and continues to do so. Apply these fresh new tips to your next game on MPL 8 ball pool app and notice how your online pool game skills gradually improve. As you master these, we will come up with more advanced strategies to keep you up to date.


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