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Online Carrom Guide to Win Consistently

Newbies at online carrom find it hard to seek out proper guidance. Carrom is a competitive game which you can only win if you are familiar with the guidelines, tips and tricks.

Carrom is a game of skill and grit. You have to be quick and move swiftly. This comes with practice. Players who are new at carrom are clueless about what exactly they should be practicing, which is natural. Every pro carrom player has been there when they were a rookie. If you have played traditional carrom before with proper equipment and wonder if playing carrom online is even mildly similar then we assure you that all the laws of physics in carrom apply to online games as well. 

Like every other game, you need a strategy to win. The game might look chaotic from afar, and one also wonders if a game where pieces move randomly requires planning or not. But carrom players are high in spatial intelligence and they have to calculate quickly. It becomes even easier to practice when you start to play carrom games online. Here are some tips that you can follow and apply while playing traditional carrom and even online carrom. 


Before you start playing, first ensure that the distance between you and the carrom board is comfortable. Balancing becomes difficult if your position is improper. It could become stressful for you to do the bare minimum if your sitting position is causing you any kind of discomfort and it will have a negative impact on your game. If you play carrom online, then try to relax your body and release any tension in your muscle and forehead as you play so physical discomfort doesn’t interfere with your gameplay.


Breaking is the first shot in the online carrom game. If a player pockets a coin, that means he gets a chance to play again; if he doesn’t, then the striker is simply handed to the next player. Try to learn techniques that will pocket two or more coins in the first shot itself. Do not forget to place your striker between the baseline if you are playing on a board. However, most online board games allow you to play without worrying about such nitty-gritty of the game. 

Practice Striking and Trick Shots

One can experiment by using all kinds of striking techniques and trick shots. Using the index finger, middle finger, and thumb are common along with the scissor-style. One trick shot that every player should know is rebound because it comes in handy way too often while playing carrom. Do not drastically change your flicking technique because it will only do more harm than good. Rather, try to improve on your current one by placing your hand firmly and striking as closely as you can with your fingers for direction.


Players face an imbalance when it comes to speed. They either strike too slow, such that the pieces never make it to the pocket or strike too hard and make the pieces fall off the board. Make sure you hit the pieces at the correct spot. Begin with pocketing the coins at easy places first, this builds up your confidence and you gain momentum in the game.

The Queen

A carrom guide is incomplete without emphasizing on the queen. One can only pocket and cover the queen if they have pocketed a piece from their colour. If a player fails to cover the queen, the turn continues and the queen is placed at the centre. If you are unable to pocket the queen then simply position the pieces in a non-pocketing alignment so it is difficult for your opponent to cover the queen. This keeps your opponent from winning and you can later try to pocket it, this increases your chances of outperforming the opponent.

Avoiding Fouls

As we speak of things that one must do, let’s also discuss the things that are supposed to be avoided at any cost. Try not to pocket your opponent’s coin, strike too hard and cause a piece to fly off the board, pocket the final piece before covering the queen, positioning the striker incorrectly, failing to break properly on your third attempt. Most of these fouls can be avoided if you play carrom online.

Final Thoughts

These tips should be applied if you wish to play carrom like a pro. This will improve not only your gameplay but also your mental and physical health. One can play carrom online on MPL app to unwind after work to release stress. Playing a carrom game on your phone makes it hassle-free by saving you time and money by setting up the proper equipment. You are no longer bound by time and place – choose to play whenever and wherever you want. Lastly, practice the above-mentioned carrom tips and watch how you turn into a pro.


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