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Online Chess Game: Top 5 myths about chess

Online chess is becoming a popular sport amongst people of all generations. The game is experiencing an upward trajectory in pop culture owing to many events. In fact, the new show on Netflix, “The Queen’s Gambit” has also spiked interest in chess leading to millions downloading and playing online chess. However, there are many chess myths still attached to this ancient game which discourage many from playing chess online.

The royal game of chess is about 1400 years old and was originally played on a board between two people. With digital transformation, the game is now played online as well. Chess involves mental skills and was only considered for intellectuals, therefore, many people hesitated to play the game. As chess myths are debunked over time, more people are trying their hand at the game and emerging to be winners. Let’s debunk more of such chess myths so that we all can have a fair opportunity at playing online chess.

Debunking 5 Popular Chess Game Myths

Chess is only for geniuses

Do you believe only geniuses can win chess? Chess is often associated with intelligence which is why most people believe that only intellectuals can win in a game of online chess. The truth is that this is another chess game myth. In fact, anyone with a good strategy and skills can win in chess. Playing and winning online chess is associated more with skill than a particular trait. The best chess players emerge out of practice, studying the moves of other top players, and making strong strategies. If you want to get better at online chess, carefully observe how top players open the game, end the game, and their checkmating patterns. You can also read about the top 6 reasons for you to play this game.

The king holds the prime importance

A chess myth that is believed by a majority of people is that the King is the most important piece and the queen is the most powerful one in chess. This belief is also supported by various guides and chess trainers. It is evident that you must protect the King to avoid losing the game. However, the most important piece in an online chess game is the pawn. Since the pawn cannot move backward, every move that you decide for the pawn is a final move. Pawns form the backbone of your game and most of the pieces rely on the power of the pawns. Therefore, every move of a pawn in chess can make or break your game.

Chess is not a sport

A popular chess game myth amongst people is about chess not being a sport because it doesn’t require much physical activity like most indoor or online games. This myth is busted with a fact that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. If you are playing a game of chess online or offline, you are simultaneously exercising your brain by making strategies, planning your moves, observing your opponent’s moves, etc. Moreover, it has also been studied that chess players have an increased heartbeat and higher blood pressure while playing chess, which is similar to the experience of athletes while competing in sports. So, if you are a regular online chess player, you are not only staying mentally fit but also maintaining physical fitness. Therefore, it’s safe to say that chess is indeed a sport.

Adults have an advantage in chess

Adults are considered to be emotionally mature to handle losses and wins and are fully-developed intellectuals when compared to children. It is also believed that this trait gives an edge to adults and helps improve faster in chess. However, it is a mere chess myth that if you start playing chess as an adult you are at an advantage. On the contrary, starting young is more helpful in chess. There are higher chances of you becoming a good chess player if you start early. Therefore, children too should play online chess to improve their skills.

Chess players use memory to plan moves in advance

The last chess myth we are going to talk about is that chess players use their memory to plan their moves in advance. It is believed that chess players thrive with endless moves by using their memory of previous games. Well, playing chess regularly surely keeps you in practice and helps you perform better. However, it’s not quite possible to use your memory of previous chess games to plan your moves during a different game. The Indian chess champion, Viswanathan Anand, also talked about this myth; stating that earlier he could recall his previous games but not anymore. However, his memory of previous games was only related to the positions of some of the pieces.

Final Thoughts

Busting the above chess myths may have increased your confidence about being a good chess player. It’s never too late to start playing chess. Online chess is probably one of the best games that children can play indoors if they aren’t getting enough physical activity. So, why don’t you start practicing online chess on MPL and make your game stronger?

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