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Online Ludo – Same Old Game For A New Normal!

The Ludo online game became immensely popular during the lockdown and the initial pandemic stages. The game was a favorable choice among many who simply loved the way it connected people to one another. The Ludo game is extremely competitive and guarantees a fun time filled with strategies and plans. Unlike any other game available online, the Ludo game online is much more competitive and fun filled. Once can play Ludo with their friends on the MPL app to guarantee a fun time. The Ludo online game has been on the MPL app for a long time and people have been playing it a lot, however it became the new normal soon after the pandemic hit the country.

Online Ludo and The Pandemic Connection

Ludo in many ways became the ideal game that people would play during the lockdown to have a fun filled time with their near and dear ones. Due to the lockdown not many people were allowed to move out and have any type of interaction for safety reasons. It was during this time that the Ludo online game took a huge rise. People from all ages were playing this game and were having fun with it. Online Ludo enabled people to virtually meet and play with each other as if they were really there present with them. Over time more people started playing the online ludo game and thus it became quite a rage among the general masses.

Ludo and The People

Phrases like “let’s play Ludo online” among friends became quite common during the days of the pandemic. Despite the distance among friends and family, people finally had a bridge that connected them with each other. The Ludo game became quite popular and people from all walks of life began paying it. The MPL app saw a significant rise in Ludo players who were happily playing the game as their source of entertainment. Meeting in public was restricted therefore people would often call each other on regular calls as they would play Ludo online. Eventually the popularity of the game kept rising and more players joined in.

Pre-Lockdown Era

The world will always remember these few years as the pre and post lockdown era due to the vast solidifying impact it had on everyone’s lives. However, the Ludo online game stayed firm on its position even before the pandemic hit the country. The Ludo game was loved by all and thus it was often played by commuters in trains, busses and offices. The game was popular even more however it connected people after the lockdown. However, people began to realise the importance of a simple game during lockdown. Essentially the Ludo game was just a game within the MPL application, however it did the work of connecting people which became a huge hit for people who wanted to feel closer to their loved ones. Over time, the people grew in numbers to lay the game and they would often schedule times to meet and play the game. The Ludo game became a sort of hangout spot for people to meet visually and share the joy of the game.

Ludo with Everyone

At some point in the lockdown almost everyone had the Ludo game installed in their mobile devices. One could not resist the urge to play with their friends again in a similar manner that they did pre lockdown. Ludo became that game that was helping people some sort of normalcy among their day to day lives. Thus, the game had everyone’s attention. Almost all of the people from different age groups had the app downloaded. The youth would play the game among themselves, while the adults would also join along with their buddies to lay the game online. Ludo online became all the rage and people connected more with the game than any other game on the platform. The MPL app had many games to offer during the lockdown phase however people were choosing the online Ludo game due to its immense popularity and social connections. Since their friends played it, every person decided to connect through the game to attend the game nights and visual meetups through the game itself.

Ludo Still Remains

Currently, as the lockdown restrictions ease up a bit people have begun moving out. However online Ludo has not slowed down, people are continuing to play the game with their friends still. The game is fun, interactive, requires tactical thinking and is unpredictable, such qualities make up for an interesting game. People have therefore been playing it and it seems hard for the game to lose its popularity. The game is one of the most loved online games and still dominates the gaming sector in many regions. The game is accessible to everyone on the MPL app and it is an overall fun experience to play Ludo online.

Final Thoughts

The Ludo game is one of the best games available on the MPL app. It helped to connect and bring people closer during the pandemic stages of the country. It is available to everyone on the MPL app and continues to be one of the most popular games on the application.


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