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Online Ludo – The Most Trending Online Game in 2020

We have all witnessed an astonishing boom in the popularity of online Ludo, especially in India. The craze for playing Ludo online has been developing for several years, and it rose to the top in 2020. Indians have developed an even stronger affection towards Ludo than they did for games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Angry Birds in the past. 

Whether you are traveling or waiting for food at a restaurant with your friends, a quick game of Ludo is always on the cards. If you’re not playing it, there is a strong chance you might spot a group of people playing Ludo somewhere around you. Things got even better when people got the opportunity to play this game on the internet. The best part is that you don’t need to be physically around the other players to play Ludo online; that has changed everything. Online Ludo has been in vogue, and its popularity exploded. 

Experts have attributed this rising fame for online Ludo to several reasons, such as better internet connectivity and more. However, there are various reasons why this game became the most trending game of 2020. We will look at a few reasons that may have played an integral role in making it the hottest and most played online game in 2020.

You Can Play Online Ludo With Friends Anywhere, Any Time

One of the most pivotal reasons behind online Ludo becoming the most prominent mobile gaming sensation in India was convenience. The pandemic had most of us locked into our homes, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. People had been longing to meet their friends, colleagues, and classmates for several months.

This was when Ludo came into the limelight. Ludo offers everyone the best way to have fun with their friends from anywhere and at any time. You can invite your friends online instantly and play a game of Ludo. The opportunity to bond and share the excitement has worked very well. Playing ludo online has brought people closer in these challenging times.

Online Ludo Can Be Played On Any Smartphone

Another spectacular reason why playing Ludo online took the year 2020 by storm is compatibility. If you love to play Ludo online, all you need is a smartphone and internet. Whether you have an affordable smartphone or the latest mobile phone in the market – you can play Ludo online.

Since the game is compatible with any smartphone, all you need to do is go online and start enjoying the game with friends. 

It’s An Amazing Stress Buster For Everyone

Playing Ludo with your friends has been known as a tremendous source of amusement for everyone. A lot of players have claimed it to be a great stress buster for everyone. Most Ludo players take a break from work, studies, or chores to relax. Perhaps, this is one of the key reasons for online Ludo to be trending throughout this year!

Anyone Can Play Ludo Online

The rules are pretty simple, and anyone can learn how to play the game within minutes. This is another contributing factor behind the popularity of Ludo. A brilliant transformation of this childhood board game into an online sensation has made everyone fall in love with it. Millions of new players have learned how to play Ludo online, becoming a part of this ever-growing community. If you don’t wish to read about the tricks and strategies for ludo, the experience of playing the game several times teaches you valuable lessons.

People Are Re-living The Best Childhood Memories By Playing Ludo Online

We have played Ludo with our friends and family at least once while growing up. We may have forgotten this iconic board game over the years, but now it has come back with a bang. There’s a long list of reasons behind Ludo becoming the most popular mobile game in India. The chance to re-live some of our favorite childhood memories from summer vacations and family trips is simply the best. Connecting with your friends, cousins, or an unknown player over online Ludo and sharing a few laughs has been a blessing for millions. It has tapped into the deep-seated nostalgia in all our hearts and minds. 

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Online Ludo Is Awesome Way To Spend Your Free Time

The pandemic has truly supercharged online Ludo’s popularity by making it an integral part of our daily leisure. Since none of us are stepping out like we used to, we have all made considerable changes to our lifestyle. The game has paved the way for new hobbies and interests among millions of people in India. This newfound niche has been occupied extremely well by online Ludo. It has turned out to be an excellent way for everyone to spend their free time. Today, playing online, Ludo ranks high in the league of leisurely activities such as binge-watching and listening to music. 

It’s A Brilliant Mental Exercise Involving Strategy and Calculations

While many consider playing Ludo online to be a great way to pass the time, other more competitive players take it rather seriously. Many Ludo enthusiasts improve their game by strategizing, making plans and contingencies, and gauging their opponents’ moves. These fiercely competitive Ludo players have fallen in love with Ludo. This board game’s simple nature is in stark contrast with the methods and techniques applied by some expert players. Playing ludo has provided them with an opportunity to test their skills with the best players from all parts of the country. What was once considered one of the best board games for kids has now turned into a delightful strategy game for everyone!

Ludo Gives People Endless Excitement 

Nothing can match the excitement and nail-biting anticipation of playing Ludo. That moment when your friend is trying to capture your piece and you are trying desperately to get to the finishing square is thrilling. Nervously praying to roll a ‘six’ and being delighted when you do is another coveted feeling for many. Every game of Ludo is filled with such exciting moments, and no matter how many times you play it, you will feel the same.   

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