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Online Ludo – Top Winning Tips and Strategies to Remember

Have you recently started playing ludo and wondered how some people are so good at it even though the game seems random? Well, they might be using these strategies, and we’re here to reveal them.

When you closely observe the ludo board game, it might look quite random. People think that because it is based on algorithm and probability, there is no reason to play strategically. These people couldn’t be more wrong. You might have observed that the people you have played with before have a pattern of opening and moving pieces. They might not always win, but it surely increases their chances in the game.

As online ludo is on the rise, more and more people have started searching for tactics that they could apply for outdoing their opponents. There is no rocket science behind these tactics, just a few basic guidelines you need to stick to. As you play enough, you will learn what is best suited for you through trial and error. So it’s worth giving a try and playing the ludo board game mindfully. We have compiled the best strategies for you in this quick read so you can ace your next game.

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Opening Pieces

When the game begins and you have a chance to remove your pieces, start by bringing out all of them. Basically, every time you get a six or one, bring out one of your pieces until all of them are out of the house. All of your pieces should be involved in the game. The more active pieces you have on the board, the more advantage you get. Keep this rule in mind when you play ludo next time and see how your game changes. This strategy is used by all experienced players, and you will know them too once you start applying.

Focus On All

As now you know that you should bring out all the pieces, the next step is to focus on all of them and use them in different ways. Rookie players make the mistake of only moving forward one piece throughout the gam,e and it often gets killed by opponents. If there are no pieces out of the house, you waste your time getting one out. Having more pieces at hand also gives you the chance to play well no matter what number you get on the dice. You don’t have to be stuck with moving just one piece and losing it to your opponent.

Opponent Play

As you play your game and move around your pieces, keep track of what your opponent is trying to do. Keep your developed pieces in safe spots if the opponent is around. Use your underdeveloped pieces to chase after your opponent. Kill their developed pieces if you get a chance and block them whenever possible. If you target and play like this, your opponent will soon run out of options, and you will have an edge over them. This is possibly one of the most crucial parts. You can follow this pattern in your next ludo game online to trap your competitors. 

Avoid Risks

If you have a developed piece at a safe spot and it is surrounded by enemies, do not move it and play with the pieces which are far from the destination. Losing all the progress you made to a silly mistake is not ideal in ludo. If a developed piece is close to the opponent, try your best to get it as far away as you can by continuously playing the same pieces till it’s away from their reach, on a safe spot or closer to reaching the goal. So make sure you value your developed pieces when you play ludo.

Decide Your Gameplay

Now you know how to play safe and avoid getting killed. However, it’s up to you to choose a playing style. You can either play aggressively or play safe. Playing aggressively doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be calculative. You can also strategize more attacking gameplay like you can strategize a defensive one.

Final Thoughts

So that is all you need to excel at a game of ludo. Apply these strategies to get the best result and watch as your friends remain in awe of your gameplay. There are enough reasons to play ludo online & the best thing about them is that you do not have to practice too much. Just a few games on the MPL app and you are good to go. So, don’t just wait around, start playing right now to see how fruitful these tactics are!


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