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Online Poker Game – How Playing Tight is Key to Winning Consistently?

Have you understood the rules of online poker and want to find the right strategy to win more? Learn how tight play in poker card games can enable you to maximize your winnings.

As a newcomer to online poker, your first aim is always to understand the rules of the game and get used to playing according to them. And this is not very difficult to do – as some experts often say that poker is a game which is easy to learn, but can take a lifetime to master. It means that most people know how to play poker, but very few master the art of playing winning poker.

Many of the poker beginners have a tendency to play several hands. This means that they put chips for all such hands to continue playing. However, very few hands are really worth continuing with because of their strength. For all the other hands, you only tend to lose out on chips. This makes you go out of chips very soon at the online poker table, and probably result in more losses than winnings. This is where it becomes critical to adopt a tight poker game where you play a select few hands that enhance your chances of winning. At the end of the day, it is all about how much you win at the poker table. Let us find out how you can win more at the online poker card game by using a tight playing style.

Minimize Your Losses

As you start playing only a few strong hands with your tight gameplay, you do away from betting on any of the weak hands. This enhances your chances of winning more games and eventually you manage to cut down on your losses. Remember no one can win all the online poker games – it is all about managing more winnings than losses. And by playing tight at the online poker card games, you can minimize your losses and maximize your winnings. This is even more critical while playing poker online (as against offline play) since you are likely to see more hands and more flops during online poker.

Winning More with Multi-Tabling

As you get used to the tight poker play, you would end up folding more hands than you play, and when you actually play, your chances of winning would be very high. This is a good strategy to make consistent money from when you play poker online. As you get used to this kind of play and become confident of your decision-making ability under pressure at the online poker table, you may join some other expert poker players who make effective use of their time between turns on one table, to start playing games on other tables.

In other words, you can adopt the multi-tabling strategy to give yourself more opportunities of winning pots. And this can be executed effectively by using a tight playing style at the multiple tables so that you have clarity of decision making and you can manage taking the right decisions for all the tables where you are playing simultaneously.

Being Tight and Aggressive

In online poker games, you need to get your timing right. You hold the edge if you can go tight as well as aggressive at the pre-flop stage, where you are likely to see most hands. Your tight play strategy would allow you to move to further stages like the flop, turn, and river, on only a few occasions when your hands are really strong. However, here is the catch! Smart poker opponents will most likely understand your game in the initial few rounds and start folding whenever you continue to play because they know that you would play only with really strong hands. So, even if you win, you would win quite smaller pots as most opponents would end up folding their hands seeing you bet or raise.

This is where it is vital for you to go for a few profitable bluffs and leverage the fear that your opponents have when you continue to play after the pre-flop stage. And go for tight-aggressive play to ensure people fold their hands even before you reach the showdown so that you can win a few pots even with relatively weaker hands through your smart bluffs. You have to be smart about this and cannot overdo your bluffs, else opponents would catch hold of this strategy!

Playing as Per Table Position

Yes, you need to maintain good discipline while adopting a tight playing style in online poker. However, you can be flexible and try to make use of your tight table image to go loose at times, especially when you are at the late positions on the table. When you are ‘in position’, you know how many players are left active and you can bet if you feel most of the active ones would fold seeing you bet or raise. Remember, a few flexible moves can help you to make more winnings at the table.

Final Thoughts

Going for a tight style at the online poker card game is relatively easy; the difficult part is continuing to play that way consistently. It could help you to win more games, but you have to be flexible a bit if you intend to keep your opponents guessing and win bigger pots. Mix a little loose play when in position or try for occasional profitable bluffs to win a couple more pots. Practice this style of play even when you play on multiple tables. Download an online poker app like MPL and start with your tight-aggressive gameplay!


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