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Online Poker Variants – Key Recommendations for Playing Hold’em & Omaha Poker!

As the popularity of online poker rises tremendously, different variants of the game have started evolving. Read more to know certain key recommendations for the most popular poker variants.

Poker is either played by people who are into casual gaming for recreational purposes, or by those who are really good at card games and want to play it as a competitive card game (as a pro). There isn’t much difference between them; they share similar levels of thrill, fun, & enjoyment. Among all poker games available on the internet, Omaha poker and Holdem poker are exponentially popular among players.

Even the characteristics between the two are similar. With the internet and smartphone becoming mainstream, you can play online poker on MPL from anywhere across the world, at any time of the day. As poker has several variations, players can invest their time to learn all about them and the various poker tactics involved. Each variation offers different gameplay that tests players’ skills and competitiveness.

This article is curated to give you a holistic outlook on Omaha poker and Holdem poker (also known as Texas Hold’em). Do you know that Omaha poker has derived from Texas hold’em poker? If you have played Texas Hold’em, the transition to Omaha poker can be very seamless as there are a lot of similarities between the two. The most distinctive feature between them both lies in the action level that takes place throughout the gameplay. Let us go through some important recommendations with regard to these two highly popular poker variants.

Usage and Number of Cards

The notable difference between Ohama poker and Texas Hold’em lies in the pocket cards that players receive during gameplay. Pocket cards, otherwise known as hole cards, are the ones that are dealt with players at the beginning of the game. In Texas Holdem, players are provided with two hole cards, whereas Omaha poker players are given four hole cards.

In the game of Texas Holdem poker, players can either use one or both pocket cards alongside the community cards to form their ultimate five-card hand. However, in Omaha poker, you have to use exactly two pocket cards out of the four cards. When it comes to making poker hands, they have to combine these with exactly three of the community cards. Omaha poker players get a lot of chances to prevail in the game as compared to Holdem poker. Further leading to more betting throughout the hand.


Once the initial pocket cards are dealt face down, players check their cards and device poker tactics to see if they have playable hands. Generally, you have different possible action options – bet, call, check, raise, or fold. The community cards are distributed at the subsequent rounds (streets) – flop, turn, and river. These are dealt face up so that every player can see them. Players are free to choose among the five community cards for making the final poker hand. The gameplay is quite similar between Omaha poker and Texas Holdem. You would have to deal with the possibilities of having more poker hand ranges during gameplay in Omaha poker as compared to Texas – with more number of hole cards dealt upfront in Omaha.

Draw and Bluff

Bluffing competitors in Omaha poker onlineis quite hard. Big winnings is the main reason why bluffing is tough in Omaha poker. Moreover, players fold in regular intervals in Omaha poker. Whereas in Texas Holdem, players receive several outs while hitting their hands, hence folding is rare. By the looks of it, Omaha is more of a drawing game due to the outs of completing a hand.

Hand strength

The difference between the count of hole cards dealt in both these games, changes the approach to be used in either case. Even the poker tactics between the two games are different. Omaha poker online comprises more straights, three-of-a-kind, full houses, and flushes, because you (and every other player) gets two additional hole cards at the start. Thus, a ‘pair’ could rarely become a winning hand in Omaha. On the other hand, you have a fair chance of winning with a ‘pair’ or even a couple of ‘pairs’ in Texas Holdem.

Final Thoughts 

Irrespective of numerous poker tips and tricks to win that you will read or hear, you cannot succeed as a good poker player if you don’t implement them well on the basis of the online poker game variant that you are playing. It is advisable to build up and curate your poker tactics to understand different variations like Texas and Omaha, and enhance your chances of winning in every game that you play. You need to have complete clarity about the differences between Omaha poker and Texas Holdem poker. As a beginner, start off with Texas and then move to Omaha poker, to ensure a smooth learning process. Download the MPL app now and start playing!


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