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Online Quiz: Top Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning

When we all see shows like ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ and we also secretly wish that we get a chance to go on the show like that.  We try to guess the quiz answers by ourselves during the show and some of them also get the answers right. We always enjoy the experience of playing these kinds of quiz games because it comes with different kinds of thrilling experiences and we feel proud when an answer gets right.

To continue this thrilling experience MPL (Mobile Premier League) launched an online quiz game for quiz lovers. You can test your general knowledge as you get to play quizzes in various types of fields like Cricked quiz, Bollywood quiz, Science quiz, Technology quiz, Maths Quiz, Current matters quiz, General knowledge-based quiz, and many more. This online quiz game is the best for you because you get to play in your favorite field and you can also expand your knowledge in different subjects by playing quizzes in various types of matters.

You also get to play Trivia and General knowledge quiz in different formats, as there are various battles and tournaments of the quiz are available in MPL to get the unique experience of playing quizzes. There is a famous one-on-one battle mode available where you have to choose two-player quiz battles. In this battle, you and your opponent have to answer quiz questions, the one who answers maximum right answers in short duration wins and takes all the prize money. If you are losing it first, do not worry because it happens at the beginning. We have come up with 5 ways for you to get better at winning online quiz games.

Eliminate the options

When you are attempting a question where you are confused between 2-3 options then you should try a technique to eliminate the options. There are several things you should keep in mind while eliminating your options. Start looking from opinion 1 and analyze whether it could be right or wrong and check all the 4 options like this, start eliminating them according to the question or matter it is related to. When you will eliminate the unrelated options according to you then you will get your right answer. Eliminating the answers is the best technique used in quiz games, it increases the chance of getting your answer right and winning the quiz.

Use Google effectively

Whenever you are going to play a quiz game, make sure to google and study a bit about the subject of the quiz before starting your quiz game. When you lose in a quiz because of a few wrong answers, make sure you google the answer to questions that got wrong right after the quiz ends. When you will search for the right answer, you will get to know where you were wrong and it also will expand your knowledge in different topics.

Use Reverse Psychology

Many times it happens that you get confused with the answer or you did not know the answer at all because you have no idea about the topic or have no knowledge about it. At this time, reverse psychology can be a savior for you. Reverse psychology is the best way to get the right answers about the topics that you do not know. Sometimes you should go with your gut feeling that this can be the answer because the option may be weird or you have heard before, at these times you should go with your gut feeling.

Expand your knowledge

Expanding your knowledge is the one thing that will help you to win quizzes, even if you have applied all types of psychologies or other types of tricks you will still need the knowledge that will help you through the quiz game. Expand your knowledge by visiting different knowledgeable places or searching about them. Gain knowledge through books, the internet, texts, and many more. There are many sources to expand your knowledge and stick to them.

Be Patient and Do not Rush

When you play online quiz games there is a constant fear inside your head of getting timed out. In this fear that the time will end and you will not be able to complete the quiz, you end up choosing the wrong answer. So be patient and read the question properly, think about the answer, and mark it. Do not rush because you will end up losing in the rush.

Final Thoughts:

Online quiz game is a simple game which you can play with your family and friends in your spare time. It is a quick game that you can finish instantly without getting stressed; whether you are in a long office meeting or a boring family function, you can play this game anywhere anytime. So start playing online quiz games for an exciting and joyful experience.


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