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Play Carrom Game Online and Relive Your Childhood Days

One of the fondest childhood memories for children growing up was to play carrom with their friends. A relaxed Sunday afternoon with friends and carrom was something we all have enjoyed at some point in time. Adults too have been lovers of the game and people to this day play carrom religiously. However, with the pandemic and restriction on public gatherings, people have found a new solution to play carrom online. The MPL app has become home for those people who want to enter into the online carrom game world. The online board game was new to a number of people and thus it took a while getting used to. The carrom board game traditionally had a few nuances which made the game fun, which were also seen in the online board game in the MPL application. Therefore, despite the distances among people, they began to indulge themselves in the online board game through the medium of online carrom. Thus they got to once again relive their childhood days once again through the app and also not compromise on their busy schedule.

The Nostalgia

Growing up playing the carrom board game was something very common among friends. Now with everyone’s busy, on-the-go lifestyle, it gets difficult for a group of friends to sit for a game or two. At such times, the online carrom game comes to the rescue with its immersive experience. One can connect to all of their friends through this app and indulge in the game at any point. Travelling in a train or moving from one place to another, chilling during break or after work the online carrom game is at your service. The bonding that carrom developed among friends in childhood stays intact due to the app helping to connect people through its medium. Thus one can experience the same trill, with the jovial arguments and the fun filled tactics with their friends on the carrom online  board game.

The Dream  

As children when we would play carrom, we would wish to have perfect aim or at least have something that could assist us. This childhood dream has finally met reality in the carrom board game online from the MPL app. One can be a bit precise when aiming in the game and thus bridge out that childhood dream. As children using anything to aim would be frowned upon, however due to the interactive screen on the mobile dices it gets easier to judge a hit in online carrom. Therefore, one can happily enjoy their childhood dream of aiming when shooting.

The Excitement

Often one can hear people say that online games can take out the thrill of the actual game. However, the online carrom game on the MPL app does not do that and strives its best to give the users a real-life like experience. The nostalgia players have with carrom is quite evident and therefore the makers try their best to make the online carrom game an interesting experience. When the players get together and play the game they realise soon enough that it feels just like the real game with all the fun inside it. Players have therefore been enjoying the game quite a lot and have made the online carrom game one of the most popular games to be played on the MPL app.

 The Connection

During the lockdown and the pandemic in general, people grew more health conscious and preferred to not touch things much when it comes to games like carrom. Thus the online board game like, carrom made this quite simple for them. One can freely use their phone with the surety that they will be safe and also connect with their friends. In this way they won’t be away from their close ones and also play the game safely in the comfort of their homes. People can gather virtually and take part in the online board game and compete to their hearts content on the MPL platform with carrom.

Reliving Childhood

Carrom as a game has been etched as a major memory from our childhood, for those who have played the game. The joy of winning and the banter one threw upon losing are just some moments that one cannot forget. The online carrom game too comes packed with such emotions that one can experience with their friends or new players. The game is immersive and lets the user have fun with the game in their own way when they play the game. Thus taking the player back to their younger days when they enjoyed paying the board game to their heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

The online carrom game takes the user on an amazing trip down the memory lane. The carrom board game online is easily available on the MPL app. One can download the game and begin playing the game online to enjoy with their friends. The online carrom game is immersive and thus ensures one relives their childhood days. 


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