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Play Carrom Online – Learn to Move Different Carrom Pieces

A beginner interested in carrom should know the technicalities of the game if they wish to master it at some point. Let us enlighten you about how you should and shouldn’t move pieces on the board to win a game of carrom.

Carrom players can concentrate for a long period of time and also have a good sense of angles along with precision. It is played with small circular pieces on a wooden board. It happens to be one of the most popular Indian games that gained popularity in eastern countries. People of all age groups can thoroughly enjoy playing this game. Players are not bored with carrom even after hours.

One can play carrom in either singles or doubles. You will also find many people who play carrom online because it is convenient. So there is no requirement of carrying or using any carrom equipment. The Carrom game is based on concrete physics and geometry, if you play it online you will be astonished by the accuracy these games have achieved. If you just discovered carrom and it has piqued your interest then let us introduce you to different pieces and the correct way to move them with some additional carrom tips.

White and Black Carrom Men

Your online carrom board comprises nine white carrom men and nine black carrom men. In professional play, you would be required to aim for just one set of coloured coins or pieces (either all nine white or all nine black). In case of freestyle play, you could target potting both sets of pieces – with every white coin fetching you 20 points and every black coin fetching you 10 points.


In the professional play, you cannot win till you have pocketed the queen and followed it up by pocketing one of your own pieces (white or black) which act as cover for the queen. This two-step process is known as covering the queen. If the queen is pocketed without any cover, it is placed again on the centre. The queen is the most highly valued amongst all carrom pieces. For example, in freestyle games, the queen carries 50 points. 


The striker is used to take a shot at the carrom men in an attempt to pot them in either of the four pockets. You can drag it along the striker line and play shots that suit your style of play. A player scores when he pockets a piece by hitting it with a striker. You need to practice the right kind of moves using the striker on the online carrom board.


Breaking means striking the ring (of pieces) at the beginning of the game so they disperse in all directions. When you play carrom online and are not able to break within the stipulated time, the other player gets a chance to do so. For many players, taking the break is advantageous as they quickly learn the tricks of making a solid break by pocketing their targeted pieces in the same move.

Deciding the Striking Speed

You can move the striker right or left while taking an aim at a piece to be pocketed. The speed with which you need to strike any piece depends on the distance between the striker and the aimed coin as well as the distance between that coin and the pocket. A good play would involve taking the aim by holding the striker in that position, dragging it down and releasing it to strike the targeted piece. While playing your shots, be careful of the pieces on the diagonal lines and the striker lines.

Final Thoughts

If you play carrom regularly and closely follow the above-mentioned tips, then your focus is bound to improve. You can start playing a carrom game online on a reliable carrom app like MPL. Contemplating whether you will be able to play this game like a pro or not will get you nowhere but playing it will do, so stop your reading spree and start playing!


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