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Play Rogue Heist Game: Expert Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning

Rogue Heist is one of the highly popular online shooter games (a first for India) that can be played as an individual or as a team game. Read on to know some top tips for this shooting game.

Have you heard about India’s first online shooter game that offers you a different gaming experience and perspective of a heist? We are talking about the rogue heist game that is available for online play on the MPL app. It is possible to play rogue heist game as an individual (Brawl mode) or as a team (Heist mode and Gang War mode). The common part across all these modes of this shooting game would be – the attempt to make the heist as well as the involvement of shooting at your enemy. This makes rogue heist one of the most entertaining and thrilling shooter games out there. It is critical to understand the objective of each of the three modes of rogue heist game as available on MPL:

  • Objective for Brawl mode – to fight a solo battle in finding a laptop bag, and then holding onto the bag long enough so as to allow you to get as much money transfer done as possible. At the end of the duration, you can be the winner by transferring most money as compared to other players.
  • Objective for Heist mode – to achieve the same target by completing a series of objectives as a team play in addition to ensuring the kills.
  • Objective for Gang War mode – to go for maximum kills in the predetermined time interval against your rival gang.

In this online shooter game, you get straight into the action against the opponent (be it an individual or a team) who is putting efforts to achieve the same thing that you are targeting. This makes the game complex in the further course of action as teams (or individuals) have to start putting strategies to keep things in their control. While progressing into the game, keeping it into your control is possible following some tips and tricks. Sharing here some top tactics to dominate Rogue Heist game with great interest and thrill:

Tip 1 – Sharpening Your Shooting Skills

It is obvious that you would need to aim at a few people and shoot when you play a shooter game online like Rogue Heist. Be it any of the modes, it is critical to be able to take accurate aim at your opponents and kill them. You need to try out both the shooting modes (automatic and manual) and use the one that suits you most during actual gameplay.

Tip 2 – Strong Understanding of Your Arena

An important tip to increase your chances of winning in the Rogue Heist game is to use your map most effectively. It means that you need to be aware about the arena in which you roam around and aim to carry out the heist successfully. This will help you to identify a couple of good hiding spots where your opponents can find it difficult to track you down, and you can borrow more time to complete the objective. Also, you would be able to guess where your opponent could be hiding in either of the game modes.

Tip 3 – Being attentive throughout

Be it fighting it out alone and holding onto the laptop bag long enough, or playing in a team to achieve the objectives or going aggressive against the rival gang to get maximum kills – your ability to be alert and attentive throughout the game duration could prove to be the main differentiator between a win or a loss. This requirement of optimal concentration levels is what makes rogue heist as the best shooting game. It is necessary to ensure that you take appropriate positions in the game such that your opponent cannot kill you from behind.

Tip 4 – Choosing your role wisely in team play

Keep in mind that there will be always a sniper looking out for you during the heist. You will always have to be ready to choose which role to perform at what time – to be a ground crew, an armed person equipped with various weapons or to be a sniper with accurate coordination.

Tip 5 – Multitasking is the Key

Since the game is not only about one thing to achieve, you have to keep doing a series of different tasks at the time. Along with targeting to loot the maximum amount of money, you have to deal with the opponent team too who is also in the race to achieve the same goal. So, you have to go around with stealing and killing both – give equal focus and importance to both.

Final Thoughts

Rogue Heist game is one of the most exciting shooter games that you can play in solo mode, or with a team, opposite to a team that possesses the same goal as you. You can win this online game by putting some concrete strategies in place, and following them with smart play and focus as an individual for the brawl mode, or with effective teamwork and coordination for the team modes. Download the MPL app now and play the rogue heist game now!


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