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Make Poker a Habit to Increase your Success-Rate at the Game

The saying ‘Practice makes Perfect’ is exactly what winning at poker is about. If you practice something regularly, it eventually becomes a habit, and nothing can stop you from being nearly perfect at something that’s a habit. 

Why? You ask. Well, it’s because when something is a habit, your decision making is more instinctive, more like a reflex. You don’t have to think a lot while taking a decision regarding something that is a habit. For instance, when you make it a habit to wake up at a particular time every day, within a few days, your body clock is adjusted, and you wake up automatically without an alarm around the same time. This is because your mind and body have adapted to that habit. 

Similarly, when playing poker regularly, making it a habit, you’ll see how spontaneous and correct your decisions are. You wouldn’t have to apply your brain in certain situations you face almost every day; rather, you will make a quick decision. On the contrary, if you play poker occasionally, you will have to pause and think about strategies that you should use and what would be the best decision in a certain situation. Here’s an easy example; you may have played Uno before, but you play it occasionally. Even though you have played the game multiple times before, you might still have to remember the gameplay and rules quickly if you are playing after a gap.

So, if you are an occasional poker player and want to ensure more wins and success at each game, here are some habits you must start practising to succeed in poker.

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How to make Poker a Habit?

To put it simply, you can make poker a habit by getting it into your daily routine. There are mainly three ways how you can stay in touch with poker every day – practising or playing poker daily, studying poker, and discussing poker within your social poker group.


Playing poker regularly, daily or on alternate days is one way how you can make poker a habit. You can play poker online or with a group of friends, host poker nights, or join some yourself. If you are just a beginner, it’s wise to stick to the free games so that you can learn more about the game and effective tips, tricks, and strategies. Diving straight into cash games can be disastrous for beginners and outright demotivating when they lose games because of the lack of poker knowledge. Numerous platforms offer free and cash poker games; therefore, you can make your pick depending on your skill level. Irrespective, make it a habit to practice playing poker regularly to learn more and upgrade your skills.


There may be times when you have been experiencing a downswing in poker and decide to take a break from the game. Taking a break from the game doesn’t imply completely ignoring the game. You are only taking a break from playing poker. Therefore, you can still stay in touch with the game by studying poker, reading strategies, listening to opinions from the experts, etc. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to study poker alongside playing the game just so you can keep learning and implementing the learnings in the game.


Join poker groups online or indulge in poker discussions with poker players to know more about the game. Discussing poker with poker players will help you unveil new strategies, find the flaws or mistakes that you may be making in your games, and will help gain different perspectives of players for the same situation. Therefore, even though you aren’t playing poker, you are still gaining a lot of knowledge of the game that will help you during the play. 

Traits that will make you Successful in Poker

Here are a few traits you must possess to succeed in life and poker. If you make the below points a habit, your win rate in poker will automatically increase, and your struggle will reduce. Moreover, you will also be able to handle downswings in poker effectively by inculcating such habits.

Be Goal-Oriented

If you observe professional poker players, you will find one thing in common; they are all goal-oriented, which makes them successful in poker games. As a poker player, you must also set goals for yourself to keep track of details and deadlines to play your best game. Take control of your table before your opponents do, bluff when necessary, and take the lead. To make poker a habit, set a goal for yourself. The goal could be playing a certain number of games a week, practising with free games, or even reading and acquiring more knowledge on poker. If you are goal-oriented, you will take your game more seriously and witness success.

Be Fearless

As a poker player, it is vital that you stay fearless throughout the game, irrespective of a weak hand or a series of weak hands. Fearlessness makes a strong poker player and doesn’t let decisions be adversely affected. In fact, fearful players are known as sitting ducks in poker due to their incapability to take the right decisions on time.

Maintain Discipline

Discipline is an essential trait every poker player must possess. It helps you stay under control, maintain decorum, and control your emotions. Disciplined poker players know what, how, and when to take a step while following the game rules. It also helps players follow a convention play and not indulge in the wrong play.

Keep calm under pressure

Pressure situations in a poker game are quite frequent, and that’s when weak players start losing the game. The seasoned players know how to stay calm under high pressure and tense moments. Moreover, controlling your emotions on the table is another important factor. When you are calm, you have control over your emotions and your decision-making capabilities. While it may be challenging to maintain calm for new players, you will get there eventually with more practice.

Take calculated risks

Lastly, poker pros are always into taking calculated risks. The poker game can be highly rewarding when you take more risks; however, your risks must always be calculated. Use your math skills to evaluate the probabilities and outcomes of a certain decision before taking a step. Calculating risks in poker is similar to assessing risks in your daily life. An essential part of taking calculated risks in poker also covers bankroll management. Based on your bankroll and the risks involved, you should carefully consider the stakes you are willing to play at.

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Summing it up…

If you are serious about your success in poker and want to make it a habit, you must play the game regularly. Fortunately, there can’t be a better time than this to enjoy playing poker games and make poker a habit while standing a chance to win exciting cash prizes.

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