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Poker Players: Presenting The Most Dominant Poker Players of 2020

If you find joy in online poker games, then this is a list you don’t wish to miss. We bring you the finest poker players of 2020 to learn from.

Poker has been around forever, but now is the phase of its maximum popularity. Courtesy of the era of the internet, poker games have now been able to travel to all parts of the world, bringing together a truly universal community of dedicated players. Whether you’re a fan of virtual gaming or whether you’re loyal to your favorite card game, one thing is for sure, online poker players have something or the other to suit their own individual taste.

With this widespread popularity comes big tournaments, globally organized games, and such high stages that produce the finest players worldwide. In all forms of sports and games, some great players attract novices’ eyes and charm the professionals by what they have to offer. So is the case with poker card games where because of the illustrious platforms, we have stars emerging each and every single year, showcasing their skills at the highest level and giving so much to learn for regular players. On that note, let us take a look at the most dominant poker players of the year 2020.

Justin Bonomo

No wonder Justin Bonomo has championed poker card games given how early he started in the field, playing competitively by age 16. During his teens, he discovered his passion for card games, given the many big prizes that he was bagging by beating prominent oppositions. From there on, Justin knew the path that he wanted to continue on, bagging several notable poker tournaments. He was also featured in a reputed television poker final table event where he won a huge reward. All in all, he is a player you need to look out for.

Daniel Negreanu

If you want to play poker online, here is a player to watch out for from whom you can actually end up learning a lot. There is so much to speak about the volume in Daniel’s poker skills, given his reputation at the global stage. However, one compliment that sums it all up is that as per the ‘Global Poker Index’ he was titled as ‘Player of the Decade’ from 2004-2013. Daniel has been involved in several illustrious international poker tournaments and has won huge prizes in most of those. The highlight of his career would be the 2014 WSOP event, where he won the ‘Big One for One Drop’ event.

Erik Seidel

We often attribute the enormous success of poker to the rise of online poker games. This is particularly true when speaking of online tournaments that have garnered such large audiences of people who previously never played poker. However, Erik Seidel is an original who made a name for himself by winning the second position at the 1988 WSOP Main Event. In fact, his win was so famous that the movie ‘Rounders’ featured his knockout hand. In 2011, Erik had a career epitome winning two big poker tournaments to make a year-long story of success. Today, he is still going strong.

Fedor Holz

In poker, some find success as though they were destined to have it while others must grind, and so is the case with Fedor Holz. This German poker player found a slow and steady rise to the limelight when he had a huge year in 2016. In that year, this young and passionate poker player found his first WSOP bracelet win. In his ambitious career, this historic moment came only weeks after he had won the second position at the ‘Super High Roller Bowl’. Today, he is an experienced player constantly trying to make the most of his spot.

David Peters

David Peters is one of the best poker players in the world who found their way to success at the poker table courtesy of the game’s digital version. Seeing Chris Moneymaker’s success in the year 2003, David became an online player of the game where he has developed a brilliant career for himself. David has won prizes worth over a million on nine different occasions, which is why his name is amongst the greats. With a single bracelet to his name, David is famous for his 50 cash finishes in the WSOP while also making it to the final table eight times.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you were able to draw inspiration from the list that we just shared with you. Remember, they did not become as great and renowned by simply playing the game with no intent. Instead, they were dedicated, determined, and willing to perfect their craft. Perhaps you do not wish to take your hobby of playing poker games that far, but even then, following these stars should enhance your daily performances. Last but not the least, this isn’t a permanent list as nothing is certain with the game of cards, as you already know. With each passing year, we do encounter some new names rising to the top. The star you followed previously might not be on this list, but that mustn’t stop you from learning all you can from the current-gen. Start implementing these learnings as you go about playing the poker game on the MPL app!


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