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Poker Stories: Here Are Some Crazy Poker Stories That You’ll Enjoy

Are you an online poker player? Here is something that could perhaps improve your game. Here are some crazy poker stories that you’ll enjoy reading.

Don’t we all love a good story about the topic we love? Whether it’s a story intending to give you a moral or whether it’s told to amuse you, maybe even get you to laugh, stories are the best way to remember our activities. Whichever form of sport or game you play, you will always hear of tales where certain instances are highlighted for specific reasons. Poker is no different in this regard since this game also holds its fair share of narratives. Some poker stories are seriously educating, while others are equally entertaining. With the existence of card games being around forever and the rate at which they’re flourishing, almost every player has some experience to share that could be of use to you.

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When you play poker online regularly for a long period of time, you are sure to witness certain events unfold either for yourself or your opponents that will last in your memory. At the end of the day, online poker games are not only the ideal dosage of fun and nervousness, but they also bring along loads of possibilities that deserve attention. Today, we’re doing a session of storytelling to share some of the more crazy occurrences at the poker table. So, sit back, take a drink, and read along to learn these fantastic tales.

A Bad Beat to Remember

Bad beats indicate moments in poker where you lose the game with a really strong hand. To compensate for this situation, most poker organisers get a bad beat jackpot ready specifically to award it to the player who suffered from a narrow loss. In 2017, a player encountered a bad beat at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Avi Shamir, the player in question, received a bad beat jackpot that was much bigger than the winning prize itself. However, confusion began as the organising committee stated that Avi never moved to the showdown and that he had probably spoken during the hand, which disqualifies him from the reward. This argument was finally settled in the player’s favor in the Nevada Gaming Control Board, where he received his prize after months.

A Short Time With The Big Prize

Mysteriously titled ‘I7AXA’ – a player from Russia in October of 2011 finally made it to the big leagues by winning a massive prize worth well over a million. This came as a shocker since this player, until previously, was known to be a grinder, playing very small tournaments. Well, the dream had come true for him until he decided to do something surprisingly bizarre. In an attempt to enrich himself further, he contented with all of his winnings, playing in huge tournaments online until he was left with nothing and went back to grinding with small games. This is a lesson to learn in complacency and smartness where you mustn’t take your time under the sun for granted.

The Usual Online Poker Corfluffle

Speaking of online poker stories, those who play poker online would have plenty of such generic stories to share. However, this situation is worth mentioning, given how obviously notorious it is. In fact, you could encounter something like this very often. Basically, two players (Player P & Player Q) are involved in a hand as they approach the river. Player Q is in a strong position and is considering his options while player P says something along the lines of “I’m all in anyway”. When the turn comes, player Q receives the absolute nuts, but instead of going all in, player P decides to fold, creating a sense of cheating in the poker room, which ends with the manager being called. Here, it is hard to say who is at fault as morals are in question more than laws. At the end, it was decided that you cannot force someone to submit their chips. So, be aware of those trying to influence you because it is one of the most common poker strategies.

Final Thoughts

Online poker games are not only stress busters, but they also provide experiences that remain in the minds of the players for a long time. As you play poker online more and more, you will find yourself to be in situations that may not be as favorable to you, but at the same time, you’ll find those scenarios memorable in their own right. Perhaps, this is what has given rise to so many poker stories online that you can easily find. All in all, poker games are played amongst many people, and this social environment presents several instances of learning and thrill that you might narrate to a new player yourself. As of now, we hope that you enjoyed the different fun stories that we brought to you from the world of poker, and perhaps one day, you’d have stories of your own. So, start working towards making your own stories by playing poker on the MPL app!


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