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Poker Strategy: A Detailed Guide To Set Mining in Online Poker

Playing online poker is a lot more fulfilling experience while using proper poker tactics. Today, we help you learn set mining to better your next game.

While playing poker games online, you’ll often notice vast playing differences between amateurs and pros. With experience, you can look and tell in a round or two who is the one you could go after, and who are those that are invincible. Someone who isn’t familiar with poker moves and other intricacies of the game could make an error in judgment by taking the game of cards for granted.

It is not uncommon for the masses to consider that poker has no logical thinking involved. However, those who pay frequent visits to the poker table are much aware of the significance of having the right poker strategy to help steer things in your favour. On that note, today, we bring to you a guide allowing you to understand the strategy of poker set mining through which you can add another dimension to your game.

What is Set Mining in Poker?

While playing online poker, to ‘set mine’ would mean for you to call a pocket pair preflop with the only hope of flopping a set. By doing so, you aren’t playing your pocket pair for its factor of playability or pot equity. In such a case where it would be profitable to the point of pulling this off, the scenario would be termed as a ‘pure set mine’.While using this poker game strategy, you will notice that your preflop calls with pocket pairs will land between two places of extreme outcomes. You should consider the fact that most of your value might come in by flopping a set. However, it is also possible that you could still hold a strong hand, even without making the set you had in mind.

Learning to Set Mining the Right Way

As a player making use of this tactic, it would make sense for you to aim only for pure set mines where you’ll benefit by hitting your set and virtually lose every time you miss it. While aiming for set mines, the first variable that you’d be interested in knowing would be the percentage of the time that you’d hit your set after calling pre-flop. By having this information, you’ll have a general overview as to your probabilities of profitable set mine by knowing where you stand with this strategy.

By assessing these few pointers, you will understand how helpful set mining is in poker, which is further illustrated by your implied odds. Now, the pre-flop risk of calling isn’t sufficiently backed by just holding your pocket pair. However, if you calculate the surplus of chips that can be yours by hitting a potential set, then this is what makes set mining potentially an easy yet brilliant move of all poker tactics.

Set Mining Implied Odds

Set mining odds in this context will tell you how likely you are to win while making use of this strategy in specific situations. Owing to that, here are some positions where you are likely to experience an enjoyable time with set mining using implied odds.

Villain With A Strong Range – This person will probably not fold with their range when you connect post-flop.

Villain Playing Aggressively – This person is probably someone who fancies bluffing a lot and may try to triple-barrel bluff you when you connect.

Villain With a Deep Stack – Simple, the more chips this person holds, the bigger could be your win.

Villain Who’s a Fish – This person is likely to be the one who can’t let go of their top pair when they hit. This will help you gain value in your sets.

Similarly, we can turn these same positions the other way around and see where you stand when your implied odds are not good.

With Smaller Implied Odds – Even if you do hit, your winnings may not be as big.

When The Villain Has a Weak Range – Since their range is rather wide, they are likely to fold post-flop, which may not win you as big when you hit your intended set.

❖ When The Villain is Passive – This person is likely to never bluff you. They also probably never make the error of over-estimating second-best hands.

❖ When The Villain’s Stack is Shallow – Simple again, the lesser their chips, the smaller could be your winnings.

When The Villain’s a Good Player – With their experienced awareness, they are likely to probably fold, which won’t help you win as big as you thought.

Final Thoughts

And on that note, we conclude our detailed poker strategy of poker set mining. We hope that you followed every point we made while going along this tactic. As with all other poker moves, you must be vigilant and know when to press on an opening and when to retract. The many poker strategies and plans you learn will only come into full effect as you gain experience and learn from any mistakes. So download the MPL app now and practice implementing  the perfect plan in your next poker game.


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