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Poker Tactics: Learn to Estimate Winning Hands in Omaha and Holdem

Just starting to play poker online? Through our blog today, we help you estimate poker winning hands in games like Omaha and Holdem to improve your tactics.

Have you ever heard someone speak of online poker games when they haven’t ever held a pair of cards themselves? They’ll be quick to dismiss poker as a game that is void of strategic planning, as though it’s a vague form of gameplay. However, as someone who has participated in the game of cards, you know the importance of poker tactics, and you know how not anyone and everyone can win at the table. Every game has its own criteria for deciding who wins and who doesn’t. In games like Holdem poker and Omaha poker, this emphasis directly is stressed upon the cards you hold.

Until and unless you don’t form the best five-card poker hands in these games, you cannot stand a chance to win the prize. ‘Poker hands,’ of course, represent combinations of cards. The rarer your poker hand, the higher are your odds at winning. Now, for the most part, Omaha and Holdem operate exactly the same, and therefore, poker winning hands in both variations are similar. In fact, as a beginner, Holdem is one of the first games you learn, given how this variant brushes up your basics and sets a strong foundation that can then further be solidified through Omaha.

Poker Hands in Omaha and Holdem: How Are They Different?

Omaha and Holdem – both game types follow the same ten universally recognized poker hands that include the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair, and the High Card. The only difference between both games is that you’re dealt with four hole cards in Omaha instead of the two you’re dealt with in Holdem.

These added two cards, along with the five community cards (same as Holdem), give you a much more comprehensive range of making the best poker hands. Calculations and estimations of probabilities play a crucial role in Omaha. However, the concept of observing your hole cards, making moves accordingly, and waiting for the flop, turn, and river are identical in both versions of poker games. Whenever you have strong cards in either variant, push on them strongly, take advantage of the table and apply your aggression. If you feel you’ve received the shorter straw, then pull back and consider folding instead.

Correctly Identifying Winning Poker Hands

In online poker games, be it Omaha poker online or Holdem poker online, to finish with the best poker hand possible, you also need to be dealt with strong starting hands. Given that this isn’t in your control, you’re expected to compensate for weaker starting hands through spontaneous strategies. Now, in Holdem, your five-card poker hand can be made using one, two, or neither of your two hole cards. However, in Omaha, you must make use of at least two of your four hole cards. When you’re dealt with pocket pairs such as AA or KK, this task becomes a lot easier when you can expect the flop to go well.

Tie Confusions in Poker Hands

Because of how the game functions, you’ll often encounter a tie while you play poker online. You could hold a Flush and wait with glee as the dealer pushes the prize to your opponent’s end. Ever wondered how that happens? Well, in poker hands, a tie is a possibility that occurs frequently. Contrary to popular belief, in such an instance, the higher of the two hands wins where suits aren’t a factor of distinction.

So, let’s say that you hold a Flush that’s powerful in its own right, and your opponent’s doesn’t look as strong. However, if your opponent happens to have an Ace in their combination, they win the game, and that is how ties are decided in poker – using high cards of the sequence. Also, most players at the beginner level tend to have a common misconception that if their hole cards are superior, then that is what should decide the tie.

However, as per poker rules, it is the entire hand that is valued where hole cards aren’t looked at separately. In all cases, ‘paint cards’ are given more relevance. These are face cards that have the edge over others. If two players hold the same winning combination in the showdown where you can’t tell a clear winner, the prize is split between them.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, all we can say is that regardless of any poker variations you are interested in, strategize your entire game plan based on the hands you hold. Oftentimes, we see players getting extra zealous, pursuing the prize at stake with a hand that can’t contend. They rely on the poker tactics of bluffing and limping, which may not always end well in online poker games. 

During your initial few days, you may not be able to assess your poker winning hands as well. However, with time, you’ll surely develop the instincts required to judge the cards you have at your disposal – that is what experience does to you. So, technically, winning poker hands are only as good as you play with them. Even then, when it comes to Holdem poker and Omaha poker, make sure you learn the rules and play according to your position in the game. Get hold of a reliable poker application like MPL and start playing NOW!


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