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Rogue Heist- Advanced Strategies to Help you Win Like a Pro

Rogue Heist is a fun game that requires use of various strategies. To win this online shooter game like a pro, you need to practice and follow advanced game strategies.

There is a huge population of gamers who prefer online shooting games over other games. Taking this into consideration, MPL launched Rogue Heist, India’s first indigenous multiplayer online shooting game.

Introduction to the Rogue Heist Game:

Rogue heist game is one of the best online shooter games that gives the real feel of a heist. In the game, players are pitted against each other to steal the maximum amount of money.

Rogue Heist- BRAWL is available on MPL, which is a super-fast, action-packed esport version. Here the players win real cash prizes based on their virtual heist.

Game Strategies to play Rogue Heist:

Keep Eye on Map:

It is important to keep an eye on the game and map both at the same time. Make sure that you don’t ignore the map in the corner as it will give you a glance at everything.

While learning the Rogue Heist game, it will take a few trials for you to understand it completely. But once understood, it’s fun to play each time.

Communicate with Your Squad:

To win this online shooter game, you need to be in coordination with your team members and make strong game strategies.

With the proper plan, coordination, & communication with others, you can do wonders and steal a good amount of money to win the game. In the Rogue Heist game, you need to maintain the distance between your mates and decide accordingly everyone’s position to steal the maximum number.

Know Your Weapons in the Game:

While playing shooter games online, you must know which weapon does what. This can help you use the correct weapon at the correct time. It helps to kill faster and steal more.

Attacking Strategies:

In Rogue Heist, you should use attacking strategies in your game. You and your complete team should come together as one to attack everyone. Killing opponents will clear the way and make your move quite faster.

Plan Strategically:

You can assign roles to your mates as to which one will do what and what will be everyone’s position. Rogue Heist is a shooting game, so pick your weapons carefully and use them accurately. 

If there are 4 players in your team then, the first two can cover the other two by killing opponents. And the other two will focus on stealing the maximum money without worrying about their opponents. 

Be Defensive:

To be defensive is the best option when taking the game at a slow pace. Defend yourself each time and slowly reach the target. In this, you can save yourself from getting killed. 

So, play this joyful and thrilling online shooter game with your team. Follow these game strategies and win Rogue Heist game like a Pro!!


To win the Rogue Heist game, you need robust strategies and planning. Following the effective strategies & tactics for Rogue Heist will help you steal the maximum amount of money in the game. 


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