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Rogue Heist: Treat yourself To A Versatile And Varied Gaming Experience

Do you enjoy multiplayer shooting games? Who doesn’t? Rogue Heist has broken the conventional barriers and has emerged as the most loved heist game.

LifeLike Studios in association with MPL developed India’s first online shooter game, Rogue Heist. The game features action-packed gameplay which is loved by all gaming enthusiasts. Here’s a quick guide to the Rogue Heist game

The game has a unique feature where players don’t have to shoot at the enemy team. Upon selecting auto-fire before a round commences, you can simply focus either on heist or track. This feature is great for the players who haven’t played many action-based multiplayer games. As far as the gaming experience is concerned, the game surely exceeds expectations. 

Is Rogue Heist a one-player game?

As one of the best online shooting games in the market, Rogue Heist focuses on strategy as well as teamwork. Each player has an equal opportunity to win the match. The Rogue Heist game also features premium skins, cosmetics and characters that make it a great choice for all ages.

The reason the Rogue Heist game stands apart from the crowd is that each player has a certain duty to fulfil during a battle. These designated roles offer different kinds of weapons suiting their gameplay. The idea is to have the perfect team where strategy will make you a winner. The game also offers deathmatch mode is two distinctive types:

  • GANG WAR- Team Deathmatch
  • RUN ‘N’ GUN- Solo Deathmatch

The game also supports in-game communication where players can talk around with their respective teams. Further, they can also chat with their team members during a match. 

Heist-BRAWL- a Distinctive Gameplay

The biggest highlight of the game is Heist-BRAWL. A game of Heist-BRAWL lasts only for seven minutes where 10 distinctive players go head-to-head with each other in a quest to make their team win. However, you simply cannot win this game mode if you play to kill your enemies. Rather you’ve to steal money from your enemies after killing them. The more amount you accumulate, the more are your chances to win. Your individual score is responsible for helping you to win cash prizes on MPL.

Some of the Notable Features of Rogue Heist

Rogue Heist is already considered the best shooting game in India due to its immersive gameplay. However, let’s take a look at what are the distinctive features of Rogue Heist.

  • The game is completely LIVE. The players join together to play in real-time. 
  • As a fast-paced online shooting game, Rogue Heist features compelling graphics.
  • The game comes with a Day and Night environment, giving people a real-world experience.
  • The controls are completely customizable. 

Final Thoughts

As a first-ever online shooter game made in India, Rogue Heist is a complete game-changer. So what are you waiting for? Play the Rogue Heist game on MPL and experience the thrill and excitement. 


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