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Rummy Game – Understanding the Cultural Importance

Do you enjoy playing online rummy with friends and family? This article will provide you with factual and cultural information about rummy which you can use to impress your friends while playing Rummy.

Rummy is a card game that can be traced back to ancient India. Since technological advancements, it is possible to play rummy online. As a matter of fact, online rummy games have become so popular that people often play them while commuting to pass their time. If you’ve also enjoyed playing rummy and wondered about its origins out of curiosity, then this article should pique your interests.

Rummy is now played worldwide by people of different cultures and ethnicities. It has managed to cross international boundaries, entertaining people around the world. The way a game connects people is beautiful. Rummy is one such card game with a beautiful and immersive origin story.

Why did Rummy Become Popular?

Rummy is a game that gets you hooked; it is quite easy and fun to play. It became popular because it was played during times when the sources of entertainment were limited. All you needed was a deck of cards and a few people. However, playing rummy online is much more convenient and easy. The Supreme Court of India also declared it as a game of skill, where strategy and intellect are primary requirements. This made the rummy game acceptable amongst the masses.

Original Players of Rummy

India has a vast and prevailing history of foreign empires. One such empire was of Mughals, who ruled ancient India for several decades. They introduced this as a court game, and played it with their lavish cards. These cards were made from tusks and tortoiseshell, jaded with expensive gems. This card game has been played since time immemorial, and now after several centuries, it is enjoyed by all.

Paplu: The original name

Rummy was popularly known as Paplu and even the 13 cards game. Paplu functions as the Joker in Rummy. The goal of the Rummy game is to meld all the 13 cards into sequences. As the name suggests, Paplu or the joker holds the power of making or breaking your game.

Indian Rummy

In India, rummy is more than just a card game. It is a special and traditional method of celebrating togetherness. The encyclopaedia of Britannica claims that the modern version of rummy can be dated back to the 1900s. However, it started booming in popularity during the 20th century, precisely in the year 1950.

A Medium to Cite the Goddess

Times have changed, and rummy has turned into an online card game. Now, players compete in the online rummy card game around the globe. They enjoy their favourite game even on a modernized app and still believe that playing rummy pleases the goddess of wealth during Diwali. It is said that rummy game players are blessed with prosperity and fortune by the goddess Laxmi. This reflects the cultural importance of playing rummy during one of the most popular Indian festivals of Diwali.

Valuing Fair Play

Rummy is a traditional and sacred game to Indians. Every time there is a gathering or celebration, they make sure that no one cheats, and it is played with utter honesty. Malpractices are not tolerated by the players. Playing the rummy game online reduces the risk of cheating because it is computerized, and there is no scope of unfair gameplay.

Anyone can Play Rummy

Rummy is a game for everyone, with more than 20 variants, the exact number is still unknown. There are three types of Rummy games played online on reliable mobile apps like MPL – such as, points rummy, which is the shortest game, pool rummy, the longest form of this game and deals rummy, where the number of deals is pre-fixed.

Benefits Recognized by the Culture

Apart from being a great source of fun and entertainment, people also think of it as a skilful game that requires their intellectual capacity. They also claim that their mind feels relaxed after playing rummy. You are likely to witness an improvement in memory and your ability to multitask. It also busts stress and brings several other social benefits with it. Similar advantages have been experienced by people who play online rummy card games.

Final Thoughts

Rummy has such a rich cultural history, although physical limitation sometimes hinders people from playing card games together. Not always can people reach out and meet each other face to face. Online rummy game apps like MPL have made it possible for people to play together, even from different locations and connect globally.


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