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Sergio Ramos Tattoos: Everything you need to know

Sergio Ramos tattoos: Sergio Ramos has been one of the most decorated footballers but more than his football his tattoos have garnered more attention in recent years. The Spaniard has a number of tattoos on his body which depict his colourful personality.

The former Real Madrid player oftens derives a tattoo as a celebration of winning  a trophy and the player has inked more than 40 tattoos so far and each tattoo has its own meaning.

Sergio Ramos Tattoos: Every detail

World Cup Tattoos

To start with Ramos always loves to commemorate an occasion with a tattoo whenever he wins something special. on his left forearm there is a World Cup inked with the date 11-07-2010 when he lifted the title with Spain.

Champions League Tattoos

on his left calf, a special tattoo was made as a signatory to his each Champions League trophy with the La Liga giants. A king of cards is drawn and below there are the four venues where he lifted the titles during years in Spain. LISBON 2014, MILANO 2016, CARDIFF 2017, KIEV 2018.

World Cup and Injury time winners tattoos

There is a tattoo on his left leg which symbolises the Champions League final injury time goal against Atletico Madrid and the word Lisbon is also there just to remind him of his heroics. Madrid went on to win the game 4-1. There is another tattoo on his right calf which is the World Cup which again is very, very special to the player.

Left leg tattoos

The inner side of his left leg features the word “por qeemos pa Madrid” which describes why the club is so special and why everyone wants to play for them.

Right shoulder tattoos

Besides these his right shoulder also he has XVII written which is 17 in Roman. At the age of 17 the defender started his journey at the Sevilla academy.

Left hand tattoos

four numbers are etched on the knuckle of his left hand which Ramos considers a part of his daily life. the four numbers are 35, +90, 32 and 19 and all the number have their own specialities. The 90+ describes his extra time header against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final. The rest of the numbers are his squad numbers during his long period of a football career.

Also, there is a rose inked above the knuckle just below his wrist which has the date 14.11.2015. On this day his son, Marco was born.

Left forearm tattoos

On his left forearm, there are two faces that appear and beside the faces, there is a line inked vertically that reads- Amor a mi Familia. The line means love to my family as Ramos is very close to his family. The two faces are his mom Paqui and sister Miriam.

Chinese symbol tattoos

A Chinese symbol is also there behind his left ear. It portrays a wolf which is believed to be one of his favourite animals.

Heart and quote tattoos

On the backside of his neck, a heart is there which is being stabbed by a dagger and also a line is implanted on it. It says- A lion never loses over the opinion of sheep. The line is very relatable to Ramos’ aggression and confidence on the field which often attracted criticism for him.

His left hand also has his mother’s name “Paqui” while the right hand has his wife’s name, Rubio.

Back tattoos

Ramos’ back contains some of the most extraordinary tattoo collections as he is also known for his religious views. There is a flame on the left side of his lower back which is being pierced by eight daggers. It resembles the immaculate heart of Mary.

family tattoos

Family means everything to Ramos as his sister and his brother are very close to him. His left bicep has a special line “the memory of the ones alive” and numbers 3 and number XI in roman are also etched with it. 3rd is his sister’s birthday and his brother’s birthday is on 11th.

Dream catcher tattoos

The upper back of Sergio Ramos also has a dream catcher alongside his initials SR which has a crown. There is also a line that says : Only Those Who Went Hungry With Me And Stood By Me Will Eat At My Table.

The Dream catcher helps you to protect yourself from bad dreams. symbolic numbers

Left thigh tattoos

Ramos also has a quill and inkwell inked on his left thigh which resembles his son’s stuffed rabbit.

left forearm tattoos

JM VII P is tattooed on his left forearm alongside a bird. 7 happens to be his lucky number while the bird is a white dove which is the symbol of peace. 


Jow many tattoos Sergio Ramos has on his hand?

Sergio Ramos has a number of tattoos on his left forearm.

What are the meaning of Sergio Ramos tattoos?

Sergio Ramos does have a number of tattoos which have different meanings.


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