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6 Sudoku Learnings about Success that Entrepreneurs Must Know

The popularity of the number game, Sudoku has been on the rise. Sudoku puzzles have been around for a long time as a source of entertainment and mental exercise since the 18th century. The 9×9 grid puzzle may look easy at first but gets difficult to solve for beginners. Sudoku offers multiple benefits in our daily lives, such as brain stimulation, increased concentration, and more. It also teaches several important sudoku learnings about success that are highly beneficial for budding entrepreneurs. While Sudoku may not teach you how to operate your business, you can certainly learn from the mistakes, methodical ways, logical reasoning, and probability used in Sudoku and use these skills in your business to achieve success. Therefore, if you have a business or are starting one, here are a few lessons you can learn by playing this popular game.

Thinking with a Global Perspective

Sudoku is a game that easily surpasses cultural barriers and is popular around the world. Usually, cross-cultural barriers exist due to different languages. However, since Sudoku is based on numbers instead of letters and words, everyone can understand it regardless of the country and language. Entrepreneurs should think on similar lines when it comes to thinking about their business from a global perspective. For instance, in today’s technologically advanced world, a digital presence for your business is vital as you can find your customers in every nook and corner of the world. 

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Scaling the Business

One of the benefits of solving Sudoku puzzles is an improved cognitive function that lowers the risk of dementia. People who play sudoku regularly learn how to analyze situations and problems better than others due to improved brain functioning. This is one of the sudoku learnings that entrepreneurs can use in their quest for success. When you operate any business, you are bound to come across different challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you play Sudoku, you will find it relatively easy to solve everyday business challenges using Sudoku strategies. 

Being Persistent 

A rewarding attribute that takes you forward in a game of sudoku is persistence and patience. For instance, if you are unable to find the correct solution for a square, you should be patient and move on to other squares while waiting for the right opportunity to place the correct number in that square. The sudoku learnings of patience and persistence are vital for the success of your business as well. Having a mindset of persistence and opportunism is vital for you as an entrepreneur to find the right opportunities. For instance, if you introduce a new product in the market, you should be persistent and patient with your marketing strategies. Test your marketing strategies and eliminate the unsuccessful ones until one of them works perfectly for your product and customers.

Train the Brain

The sudoku puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain, improve cognitive function, and reduce the risk of dementia. The brain game holds importance in entrepreneurship as entrepreneurs have to constantly learn, acquire knowledge, and engage in everyday life. The learning process for entrepreneurs is endless – they have to keep up with the changing trends, advancements in technology and offer something unique to their customers to overcome competition and survive the harsh market conditions. Therefore, it is essential for entrepreneurs to stay mentally fit. Sudoku is one of the best games that can help train your brain, help with analytical thinking, find solutions to different problems you face in your routine business, and adapt to new situations.

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Taking a Break Now and Then

Depending on the difficulty level of the sudoku puzzles, solving the puzzles may take minutes to hours. A difficult level takes more time to solve as compared to an easy level. Therefore, it is important to take short breaks between the game to refresh your mind. Taking regular breaks helps players solve the puzzles quickly. For instance, taking a break from an unsolvable puzzle may help you look at the puzzle with fresh eyes and you may might more solutions.

Entrepreneurs mostly tend to over-work and don’t take breaks to relax. However, to be more productive, entrepreneurs should take breaks more often. Sudoku is a great option for entrepreneurs to indulge in active leisure and stimulate the brain. Taking breaks is important for the mental well-being of entrepreneurs and the success of the business. Moreover, it can help you discover more opportunities for the business and find new ways of solving the challenges.

Probability Doesn’t Imply Certainty

While playing Sudoky, you know that a digit can be used only once in a cell and it shouldn’t be repeated in the corresponding row, column, or 3×3 block. To find the correct digit for a particular cell, you need to use different strategies and analyze the puzzle. However, not all strategies may help you find the right number. This is one of the sudoku learnings that entrepreneurs must know for a successful business. Similarly, in a business, an entrepreneur has to imply various strategies to reach the end goal but not all strategies will be fruitful. While some strategies may help in certain situations, others may not. Entrepreneurs must learn that the probability of a strategy working out in their favor doesn’t imply that it will certainly succeed.

The Bottom Line

For many, sudoku is just a usual puzzle game played for leisure, however, sudoku offers multiple benefits and teaches important lessons. The above six lessons are vital for entrepreneurs and can help them go a long way with their business. Start solving the sudoku puzzles on MPL and notice the difference yourself!

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