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Things to avoid while creating a fantasy cricket team for the first time

The MPL fantasy cricket app has seen a number of wins and losses since the time it came into existence. Players from all over the country have been playing the game and testing out their wits to be better than their opponent. However, it is often observed that the players aren’t the only ones to blame for their defeat. People play the game in a certain way which leads them to a defeat. Seasoned players or players with basic level information of the game can recognize these mistakes and easily claim reward points in such situations. Therefore, it is best to understand the mistakes the amateurs make and avoid them while building a fantasy cricket team.

When one takes to play fantasy cricket online the fantasy cricket game presents itself as a bunch of opportunities to the player, from the player selection to the line-up. However, if the person playing online fantasy cricket doesn’t know a thing about the game he/she is sure on his/her way to losing the game badly. Hence, there are certain things to avoid when players play fantasy cricket.

Points To Consider While Creating A Fantasy Cricket Team

Selecting the right Match

Once a player logs in and is ready to play fantasy cricket, there’s a bunch of options to choose from. The options are mostly matches that a player needs to select in order to gain reward points. The player who’s uninformed will randomly select a match and will end up losing it. Having no information whatsoever can prove to be fatal in such situations. The match played between the opponents needs to be fair and thus the right type of game needs to be selected by the player.

Focusing on reward points

Another mistake the players make while building a fantasy cricket team is entering into big matches with higher reward points. The points lure them in and despite zero knowledge of the subject or the match at hand they enter into the game and are destined for a loss. The big matches and tournaments are often played by seasoned players who know the game far too well as they have been playing the game for a long time. Amateurs do not understand this and only focus on the rewards points which are larger as compared to the other matches available. One needs to avoid such silly mistakes and make sure they study the matches well. A simple game for a beginner too can prove to be beneficial as it has helped to boost morale and even set your track into winning ways.

Choose your Captains wisely

The captains and vice-captains that one selects for the team too are very crucial as they can impact the match performance drastically. A captain can garner significant points as compared to other players on the same lineup. A vice-captain can also do the same with a bit lower points as compared to the captain. In this case, people make the mistake of randomly selecting captains based on their liking and not by the player’s performance. One thing that should be looked at carefully is the player’s statistics. The performance of the player can determine the outcome of the game.

A captain in the real world team may or may not score higher points, however, a starting top order batsman may do it and a person may lose valuable points there. Choosing the captains is necessary and choosing them well will determine whether a player stays in the game or goes home with defeat. Therefore, choose the captain of your team based on the player’s performance. Use the predictability by observing stats of players and determine which player is more likely to perform the most. MPL fantasy cricket is a points game and thus it needs to be played in that way.

Research before finalizing the fantasy cricket team

One thing that will most likely benefit all players who play MPL fantasy cricket is the research they put into the games. The research is the most crucial aspect of the game and helps a player be ahead of the curve and defeat all its opponents. The stronger the research the better results. Things like pitch condition, player stats, and various aspects form up this research data that one needs to consider before getting their hands onto the MPL fantasy cricket app. Players with little to zero knowledge of the game will directly go ahead and select players based on popularity without knowing if they will perform in the game or not. Therefore, it is important to be informed and well researched in such matters.

Final Thoughts:

Fantasy cricket is an intriguing and entertaining game that takes cricketing knowledge to a different level. People enjoy the matches while also participating in the game. However, certain mistakes in the game need to be rectified and thus the above points can help shed light on those aspects of the game. You also need certain skills to ace your fantasy cricket game.

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