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Top 7 Tips on Sudoku for beginners

Do you find it difficult to solve Sudoku puzzles? There are millions of people across the world who find it difficult to play the game. Sudoku beginners may get confused about where to start, and the puzzle game may seem impossible to solve. However, solving a sudoku puzzle is a child’s play when played using tips and tricks. Playing the sudoku game with simple tricks makes the puzzle seem easier as you get more visibility and quickly find solutions.

Sudoku is a game of numbers that stimulates the brain. However, the sudoku puzzles don’t require arithmetic knowledge as it is based purely on logic. If you have already tried your hand at the game, you would be familiar with the rules. Even if you don’t, it won’t take very long to learn the sudoku rules and several tips to start playing sudoku and progressing in the levels.

Tips For Sudoku Beginners

Here are seven sudoku tips for beginners that will help build momentum in the game and ease the process of finding the correct answer.

Choosing the Right Difficulty Level

When you play sudoku for the first time, it is important to start easy. Sudoku puzzles have varying difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, and Difficult. The first tip to solve a sudoku puzzle is choosing the right difficulty level. Sudoku requires practice to develop skills; therefore, starting with easy puzzles will give you a hang of solving the puzzles. The easy puzzles have pre-filled numbers in most rows and columns, leaving fewer blank squares to solve. Once you master solving the easy puzzles, you will have the skills and experience to use more advanced tips to solve the difficult puzzles.

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Scan the Grid to Start

Start the sudoku puzzle by scanning the 9×9 sudoku grid to find the 3×3 grids, rows, or columns that already have many pre-filled numbers. For instance, you find a row that has 7 numbers filled, you can easily find the other two missing numbers.

The trick here is to start placing numbers in the grids that already have most of the numbers. Finding the missing solution for the remaining cells becomes easier when most numbers are pre-filled. If you play sudoku with this as the first trick, you will find the missing numbers quickly and fill the cells smoothly.

Build On The Momentum

Once a player starts solving the puzzle using the scanning method, building on the momentum is easy. As you fill more and more spaces, you will find more clues to solve another square. The strategy here is that every time you fill a square, look at the neighboring row, column, and cells to analyze how the 3×3 box is affected by the new numbers you have filled. You will quickly find a new cell or box to place the correct answer.

Use Each Number Only Once

More like a rule of Sudoku, it is vital to understand that each row, column, and box should contain the numbers 1 to 9 only once. This rule is what makes the sudoku game a little tricky. One of the primary rules for playing the game is to use each number in each row, column, and 3×3 blocks only one time. If you find any of the vertical or horizontal lines with a number filled in more than once, you have made some mistakes and might have to restart the puzzle.

You can use the process of elimination and deductive reading (discussed in the next tip) to identify which numbers are missing on the grid. Using a number only one time will get easier once you have learned to scan the grid.

Learn to use the Process of Elimination

The process of elimination is one of the most useful techniques to overcome the challenges while playing the game. As you have heard already, sudoku involves logic and reasoning, and using the process of elimination to arrive at the right solution is part of the reasoning. The process of elimination implies identifying which numbers are missing in a particular column, row, or block and finding the numbers that can be the possible solution.

For instance, you can write down the number 1 to 9 and eliminate the numbers that are already existing in a particular column. You will arrive at the missing numbers for that column.

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Use the Cross-Hatching Technique

The cross-hatching technique is one of the popular sudoku solving techniques that players often use in their games. In this technique, players should focus only on one of the 3×3 blocks simultaneously using the rule that each number can be used only once. Try to find the missing digits for each cell and then scan the corresponding columns and rows to find any repeated number. This way, you can spot and correct your mistakes before going too far in the game.

Reap the Benefits of the Pencil Mode

The last tip that will definitely work well for anyone who takes up the sudoku puzzle challenges is using the pencil mode. Using a pencil while solving the puzzle on a newspaper or a pencil mode while playing sudoku online enables players to write down the possible numbers for each blank cell. This way, once you find the correct number for a blank cell, you can erase the other possibilities.

For instance, while solving one of the 3×3 blocks, you identify that a particular space can be filled with 5, 7, and 9. You can pencil in the three numbers in that cell in order to arrive at the correct number with other tips. When you find the correct number, you can erase the other two numbers from that cell.

While playing online sudoku on MPL, the pencil mode helps you save points as the game deducts points for entering wrong values in a cell. However, with a pencil mode, you can easily fill in the possibilities with a pencil and fill in the correct answer only when you are sure.

The Bottom Line

Sudoku is one of the perfect puzzle games to train your brain. The sudoku beginners often wonder if the rules change according to the level of difficulty in the games. However, while the general rules remain the same, the games become more difficult to solve as you climb levels. It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it and master these tips as a beginner. Once the concept of the game is clear, and your brain starts recognizing the patterns easily, the game will become faster for you.

When you play sudoku on MPL, you are pitted against a real opponent, and each of you has to solve the same puzzle simultaneously. The player with the highest score wins the game.

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