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Top 5 Expert Tips to Help You Win Online Quiz Games Like a Pro

Participating in an online quiz can be really exciting. Testing your general knowledge about various different topics, and competing with other quiz enthusiasts can be a lot of fun. If you love playing online quiz games in your free time, these five effective expert tips will help you get a lot better at them. If you apply these tips to your online quiz game, you will soon be able to play quiz online and win lots of games.

1. Stay Up-To-Date On Current Events

Seeing as the world around us is constantly evolving, it is always important to be well-informed. Playing an online quiz game is putting your knowledge to the test. However, the facts and information around is changing every day. Reading, or watching the news is one of the most significant ways to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Let us assume you are playing an online quiz game against an opponent. The question is;

“How many double-centuries has cricketer Rohit Sharma scored in One Day Internationals for India?”

When you last read about it a few months ago, Rohit Sharma had THREE ODI double-centuries. However, let us assume he just scored another last month. You may have missed reading this news, and ended up making a mistake in your answer. On the other hand, your opponent, who reads the news every day, choose the correct answer. They end up winning the online quiz, and beat you.

It might just be a hypothetical situation, but the principle remains true. For every quiz enthusiast, staying up-to-date about current events is absolutely critical. It could be sports, politics, and even entertainment industries such as Bollywood – they are all included under the domain of general knowledge.

2. Practice Whenever You Get The Chance

That is our second tip for all the people who like to play quizzes online. Ask your friends and family to test your knowledge by asking you impromptu questions. Try to answer as many questions as you can, and when you find a question you cannot answer – find it.

The best way to stay sharp, is to know what you don’t know and learn it. If you know the answers, try to recall them by putting yourself through a test. If you can recall the answers to a question instantly, you are on your way towards becoming an online quiz champion.

3. Compete With Fellow Quiz Geniuses

Another excellent way to improve your quiz skills is to become a part of a community of quiz lovers. By being among like-minded people, you can learn a number of new things. Not only can you absorb their techniques, methods and knowledge, it gives a number of other possibilities.

You can compete with fellow online quiz enthusiasts, gaining a competitive edge that can be priceless. The experience of going head-to-head with other quiz experts can do you a world of good.

4. Start Using A Timer

Most online quiz games have a timer in order to raise the competitive bar between two players. It helps add an element of urgency, thrill and increases the likelihood of making errors under pressure. Sometimes, both players know the answer but the one who deals with pressure the best, wins.

Therefore, in order to become a pro at online quiz games, you must start practicing with a timer. This can be immensely beneficial for your ability to handle the pressure during a quiz competition. A small stopwatch, or even a smartphone can be used for this activity.

5. Focus More On Weaker Subjects

This is our last, but most valuable tip for online quiz enthusiasts. It would be advisable to allocate a sizable chunk of your time to subjects that don’t interest you much. These can be any subjects such as sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball or Hockey. It could be Maths, Science, History and Geography too.

It is only natural for people to be attracted towards subjects they like. This enables them to acquire more knowledge about their favourite topics. Sometimes they end up ignoring the topics and subjects that don’t interest them. This can lead to a vacuum of knowledge, giving the opponent an advantage over you.

It is therefore one of the most key pieces of advice for aspiring online quiz game champs. One must strengthen their knowledge on topics that they do not find interesting and engrossing. You can choose to play the special individual online quiz games on the MPL Pro App. It allows players to play quiz games on a single subject such as Bollywood, Math and even Cricket. You can focus on a particular topic, and increase your knowledge by playing such online quiz games.

If you are excited to play online quiz games, and put your knowledge to the test against other quiz lovers, download the MPL Pro App today. It gives you the opportunity to play multiple different quiz formats depending on your preferences. Play the timeless one-on-one battle, or compete with your opponent in a two-player multiple choice question quiz contest on the MPL Pro App instantly!


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