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Top 5 Ways to Become a Master Batsman in WCC2 Game

Cricket is like a tradition in India and every cricket fan wants to be like Dhoni or perform like their favorite batsman. The enthusiasm and passion running through the veins of cricket fans are immeasurable whenever a cricket tournament happens, whether it is international, domestic, or even a gully cricket. Cricket fans always find their way to celebrate and play cricket games keenly. One of those ways is by becoming a master batsman in WCC2 online cricket game.

Even if there are no tournaments or matches happening, you can still play cricket games online on the well-known platform MPL. You can perfect your batting skills and become a master batsman in the WCC2 online cricket game. 

Here are a few mistakes to avoid to become a better player.

WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best online cricket games which offer various types of unique features that every player should explore. WCC2 provides real-time gameplay with 3D graphics which makes it an even more advanced game available online. 

How to become a master batsman in WCC2?

Most cricket fans like batting and wish to play like their favorite batsman. The WCC2 game allows players who like batting to showcase their skills. When you play the WCC2 game online, you have to apply different techniques to achieve a great batsman position. But if you are just beginning to play the game, we’ve got you covered. We have listed some valuable techniques that will help you become a master batsman in WCC2.

Mostly Prefer Lofted Shots

A lofted shot is considered a power shot for a batsman. It allows you to hit a power shot like a six. You should be accurate with your timing while hitting the shot because you cannot afford to miss your concentration even for a second. When you are positioned for lofted shots, your wickets are exposed directly to the bowler, you have to be extra cautious while hitting this shot because if timing goes wrong everything goes wrong.

Always Hit Your Shot After Analyzing Fielding Formations

If you want to aim for big shots, then you should analyze the opponent’s fielding formations before delivering your big shot. If you deliver your shot without analyzing fielding formations, you indirectly allow your opponent team to gain some wickets. It may result in a run-out or catch which can lead you out of the match. A calculated batsman always analyses the opportunities and delivers their best shots with calculated risks that will not put your team at risk.

Be Focused and Keep Eye on the Ball

Focus is the main thing required while you are batting because losing your concentration over the ball for even a fraction of a second will lead you to dismissal. You have to figure out the ball till it pitches, so you can position yourself according to it and deliver a successful shot. If the ball pitches too low or high, you should prefer a defense shot. If the ball pitches at a good spot, you can go for long shots. You should follow these batting techniques to become a great batsman and to get a holdover to the match.

You can also follow several advanced strategies to increase your chances of winning the game.

Ground Drive Shots are Good for Beginners

If you are newly introduced to WCC2 online cricket, then you should prefer playing ground drive shots because these shots are very important for any batsmen at the crease. If you do not want to take risks, then you should go for ground drive shots. As ground drive shots will help you gain runs in between the wickets and you also get the chance to hit a four. The blend of lofted shot and ground drive shot is considered a perfect game strategy. Ground drive shots are great for beginners because they involve less risk and learn the game by scoring high without any involvement of risks.

Should have Phenomenal Footwork

The most important quality in a batsman is his footwork. The batsman should have great footwork to deliver various types of shots, they should have to move their feet at the same time while playing hard shots. You should have the capability to deliver every tough shot with good footwork. Always be prepared for every type of ball.

Final Thoughts:

Every batsman has his own technique of delivering shots and playing the game. Follow these few tips to enhance your batting skills and become the master batsman in WCC2 on MPL. Play WCC2 games more often, so you will have the practice of playing games more diversely. So, how do you play WCC2 online cricket games? By simply downloading the MPL app. Play WCC2 games with your friends and family on MPL now.

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