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Top Handy Carrom Tips You Must Follow To Upgrade Your Game & Confidence

Are you a fan of playing a skill-based online carrom game? Use these carrom tips and tricks to take your game to the next level.

If you are someone who loves playing carrom games online during your free time, this blog will help you to have an enjoyable experience at the board. There used to be a time when calling over your colony friends and setting up the board was something to look forward to. 

However, as time has gone by and as the game has evolved alongside the digital era, carrom too has gone online like other board games. This little game of fun and thrill has now risen up to international standards. There are several reasons to play carrom online and the biggest reason being that you no longer need to wait for your friends to gather around. All you need to do is pull your phone out, download the online app like MPL, and get started with carrom. Keeping that in mind, we now share with you a few helpful carrom tips and tricks using which you can dominate the game digitally like you used to physically.

Find the Right Carrom Platform

With the rise of online gaming, there are several different applications vouching to provide the best experience for those who want to play carrom online. With so many options at your disposal, seeing all these applications essentially striving for the same common goal, your task up first would be to pick the right application that you would want to continue with. Remember, you want to find such an app using which you can get a feeling of the offline carrom game. So, read reviews online, check what people have to say, find an app that drains less of your battery, doesn’t glitch, and gives you a wonderful online gaming experience. Try out an app like MPL which has been recommended by numerous carrom players!

Vary Your Gameplay

One of the most crucial carrom tips would be to focus on varying the game you play. There is a decent amount of strategic tactics involved in the game that you must implement as part of your gameplay if you wish to beat your opponents and own all of the coins. As you would in a physical game of carrom, try and use different shots. There are physics and trigonometry involved in carrom games. Can you try different shots even though it is through a touch screen? Trying different shots and mastering them can enable you to get coins which were once out of your reach.

Test Your Game against Carrom Pro Players

It’s often said that your excellence is judged based on whom you have beaten. Once you have got used to the online play, you would want to enhance your skills. You may not wish to compete only against newbies as you won’t improve your game against them. You would want to develop your skills against seasoned veterans or carrom pros who have been playing carrom for a long time, and who know the game in and out. Test yourself against the best – even though you might experience a few defeats, but the learning would be immense. Think long term and play against them accordingly.

Practice Until You Achieve Perfection

No matter the sport or game, practice is key to success and so is the case with online carrom. You cannot expect to beat regular players when you are playing the game for the first time or if you show up for rare appearances. You could have a working schedule to follow, however, as and when you can, practice the game because this way you are likely to learn the little nuances involved in carrom games and do better in prized tournaments.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have shared with you a wide range of helpful ways using which you can advance your carrom game online, we hope that you feel more confident during your next outing at the virtual boards. Remember, to play carrom online, you’ll have to be consistent with your timing, you’ll have to assess your position and be confident about your touch. Adhere to these carrom tips and tricks, try experimenting on your own, play against multiple opponents and eventually, you will get better at your gameplay.


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