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Top Online Shooting Games You Cannot Miss

Shooting games have always been on the popular side, but have you wondered why? It’s always the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after shooting the target, or in some cases, villains even. Shooting games provide a sense of competitiveness and autonomy, research suggests. Moreover, it appeals to all age groups.

There are various types of shooting games, all meant for a different purpose, with different gameplay, environments, and a detailed storyline. When you try all of these games for the first time, the experience is exhilarating. Some of these are free shooting games, you can play some on consoles, and some on mobile apps. Try out these games and begin your “shooting” journey!

Type of Online Shooting GameName
First Person Shooter GamesDoom 
Call of Duty
Black Mesa
Third Person Shooter GamesResident Evil
Max Payne
Shoot ‘Em UpSpace Invaders
Run and Shoot GamesShock Troopers
Green Beret
Shooting GallerySin and Punishment
House of the Dead
Light Gun ShooterWild Gunman
Duck Hunt
Shooting Games on MPLBubble Shooter
Shooting Champs
Bottle Shooting
Space Breaker
Space Combat
Shooting Games are always exciting
The typical environment of a Shooting Game

Types of Online Shooting Games

There are many categories of shooting games that we can choose to play from. First and third-person shooter games, light gun shooting games as well as shooting gallery games. However, all these games sound very “heavy-duty”. You can also check out some casual one-minute, fun shooting games on the MPL app!

Online Shooting Games on MPL

These games are a quick, one-minute play on the MPL app. In this paragraph, I will explain why you should play shooting games on the MPL app. They have multiplayer gameplay, where you will be fighting a player of your caliber in order to win the game. Most of these games come with a timer so that the battle is real! Once you download the MPL app, all these shooting games are free!

Shooting Games on the MPL app

Bubble Shooter

The bubble shooter game on the MPL app features a bubble cannon that shoots colored balls on the playing field. You have to pop the bubbles and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. As a player, shoot the balls and form groups of three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them.

If you miss your target and place a bubble at the wrong place, the bubbles start stacking up and gradually reach the base. The game ends when the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen. Play wisely because one wrong move can cost you a lot! The more bubbles you pop in one go, the more points you score. A player wins when no bubbles remain in the playing area.

Bubble Shooter on MPL
Bubble Shooter Game on MPL app

Shooting Champs

A game where you expect to shoot down flying clay frisbees with your gun. There are 2 courts, the left court, and the right court. During the four rounds of shots, you have to drag your gun, aim and shoot. The controls are easy, and it just requires your aiming skill. Follow the rules to earn bonus points. You will be competing with another player simultaneously. So, shoot your best shot!

Bottle Shooting

It is an adventure shooting game where players hold and drag the ball to aim at the target. You have to choose between 2 modes, Timer and Endless mode, and the player has to hit the bottle with more points to score better. In the Timer mode, there are three rounds, namely Fixed Ledges, Moving Ledges, and Passing through Obstacles. Endlessly, you have to have the highest possible score using the given lives.

Bottle Shooting on MPL
Bottle Shooting Game on MPL

Space Breaker

Space Breaker is a space shooting game. Like Bubble Shooter, you have to shoot the missiles overhead. Tap to throw the ball, drag to move the wedge. Increase score with power-ups like a multiball, big ball, smash ball, and big wedge. Decrease or speed up the ball with slow and fastball power-ups. The game ends in 3 minutes, or you lose all your lives!

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Space Combat

It is an adventure spaceship shooting game that you can play on mobile. Hold and drag anywhere on the screen to move the spaceship. The game provides various power-ups throughout game. The heart can restore one life. For instance, the magnet absorbs all nearby gems, while the bomb destroys an enemy ship, etc. Collect gems to increase the score. You win if you score higher than your opponent.

Space Combat on MPL
Play online shooting game: Space Combat

First Person Shooter (FPS)

First-person shooters are shooting games that capture your point of view in a game. First-person shooters are mainly within a three-dimensional space. The player has control over the character’s movement and action within that space.

Most Popular First Person Shooting Games (FPS):

Doom: Doom is a first-person shooter game where the player battles out the demonic forces from Hell. The game has level combat. The player needs to aggressively engage enemies to obtain health, ammunition, different guns, and armour. This shooting game was available on Playstation 4 and later added to other Xbox versions. You can play it on Steam as well. Among them, Doom Eternal has been the best shooting game this year.

Counter-Strike: Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter, multiplayer game and has always been a favourite with game lovers and is one of the best shooting games out there. Counter-Strike is a video game series where a group of terrorists tries to attack, and you, as a player, have to counterattack it. Out of them, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most talked-about gamest this year.

Call of Duty: Call of Duty is a first-person shooting game. This game has a vast array of versions; however, Call of Duty: Black Ops War has been making the rounds this year. Call of Duty has always been the best-selling franchise when it comes to shooting games. Call of Duty: Warzone is free to play on the computer. The setting for Call of Duty is during World War II, and the game continues thereafter.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer

Halo: Halo is another legendary video game series.

Players fight various aliens on foot and in different vehicles while uncovering multiple secrets. The series that has been around for more than a decade is a mix of first-person shooting games and spaceship battles. Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game, and you can play in teams as well! You can buy it on PC Steam or enjoy it as one of the free shooting games with an Xbox game pass.

Black Mesa: Black Mesa is a first-person shooter game that has seen quite a popularity this year. Among the most popular shooting games, Black Mesa requires players to perform combat tasks and solve puzzles to advance through. As you go along, you will have health and battery packs as well as stations to charge your suit. throughout the game, and you will be wearing a protective suit.

Third Person Shooter(TPS)

Third-person shooting games are where the character is visible on-screen, unlike the first-person shooter. Most of these epic games are free to play on Steam or Xbox and Playstations. Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Gears of War are some examples of third-person shooter games.

Popular Third Person Shooting Games(TPS):

Resident Evil: This game has both third-person and first-person shooter games. The third-person shooting game with a brilliant sequel too. The combat level at Resident Evil series is mesmerizing. This is a shooting game you cannot miss. It is a Japanese survival horror video game genre. Resident Evil 4 introduces some third-person shooter techniques in the ongoing gaming series, with some significant updates. When franchises like Nintendo have been the publisher, you already know the game series will be good. You can play the series on Playstation.

Max Payne: Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game series where the protagonist is a police detective turned vigilante. You can map the game into a three-part series, wherein Max Payne goes on an adventure to fight the bad guys. The main weapon used here is a gun. You can play this series on Playstation, Xbox, and Steam.

Official Trailer of Max Payne 3

Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot’em ups cover a specific subgenre of shooters, wherein the players move in the left or right directions, up and down, or firing straight. All shoot ’em ups share standard gameplay, but the viewpoints keep changing. Fixed shooters have fixed screens; scrolling shooters move in a single direction. Top-down shooters are from the overhead viewpoint, while rail shooters are automatically guided down.

Space Invaders: A well-known and one of the most popular shooting games, it is a fixed shooter game where you have to shoot the aliens coming down. The player shoots a canon horizontally and fires at the aliens. The goal is to eliminate the aliens till your three lives remain.

Xevious: A scrolling single and multiplayer shooting game, you have to shoot enemies with a flying attack craft. The player controls the Solvalou (Flying attack craft). It would be best if you destroyed the Xevious forces that want to take over the Earth. The game gets more challenging as the level increases.

Bosconian: The player has to destroy the enemy bases using a ship. The ship is named Starfighter, and it moves in eight directions and fires both forward and backward simultaneously. The more enemy missiles you destroy, the more you’ll score. The number of enemy bases increases as the level increase.

Run and Shoot Games

A 2D gaming genre, these are scrolling action games, in which the player fight on foot, sometimes jumps as well. These games have side-scrolling, vertical scrolling, or isometric viewpoint features. In shooter games, players often move around and jump with long-range guns and other weapons. Examples of these include:

Shock Troopers: This is an epic run-and-shoot arcade game. Players can choose two modes, “Lonely Wolf” or”Team Battle.” In the Lonely Wolf mod, one character is controlled throughout the game. On the other hand, Team Battle is multiplayer gameplay, where you can select a band of three soldiers. As the levels go by, the player is equipped with different guns and a wider variety of weapons.

Green Beret: The run and gun game where a solo player or several players take on the roles of US Special operations have to infiltrate the military base to save prisoners of war (POWs) from getting executed. The ambushers are:

  1. Marshalling Area ends with a truckload of jump-kicking enemies
  2. Harbor ends with a pack of German Shepherds
  3. Air Base ends with three autogyros
  4. Siberian Camp ends with a flame thrower operator

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery is an online shooting game to aim at moving targets, sometimes from the first-person perspective and occasionally a third-person perspective. You can play these on a joypad and an on-screen cursor to show where the bullets are aimed.

Sin and Punishment: It is an arcade-rail- shooter and shooting gallery video game. A targeting reticle is used to aim shots on enemies and projectiles and has 2 modes that the player can choose: the lock-on mode and an accessible aiming mode.

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The lock-on mode will auto-lock on visible targets, and the player can quickly move the reticle between the targets. The free aiming mode gives the player the power to move swiftly between targets. The player has a lot of other level-ups as well. This one you can play solo. In multiplayer mode, one controls the movement while the other fires.

House of the Dead: The House of the Dead has existed as a rail shooter light gun game. Players have a light gun or mouse, with which they shoot the zombies. The character’s guns hold 6 rounds to shoot the zombies. Power-ups are present in the game, which help restore the player’s health. You can find special items inside hidden objects. Depending on the number of hostages saved, you can earn additional health power-ups.

Cabal: Cabal is an arcade shooter game. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes. Each player plays the role of a commando. The player has to destroy several military bases in thrilling environments. The player has three lives and uses limitless ammunition and a fixed number of grenades to fend off enemy troops and attack the base.

Cabal Online Official Trailer

Light Gun Shooter

One genre of online shooting games started in the early 1930s. Light gun shooters are shooting use a pointing device to shoot the target.

Wild Gunman: Originally made by Nintendo, Wild Gun is a light gun shooter. In addition to two-player modes, there are new settings where players can play this game.

Duck Hunt: One of the popular shooting games, Duck Hunt is a shooter game where the objective is to shoot moving targets. However, you can only play this game developed by Nintendo on the CRT screens. Each round consists of a total of ten targets to shoot. The player has three attempts to hit them before they disappear. The player requires a minimum number of targets to advance to the next level. If you fail, the game is over. As the levels increase, the speed and number of ducks increase.

If you don’t have a CRT screen, you can always play Duck Hunt as one of the free shooting games.

In Conclusion

Here is the list of best shooting games out there. Some are free shooting games, while you can stream others on gaming consoles or mobile apps. Whatever the deal is, there is guaranteed fun in these games. In other words, go ahead and try these games if you haven’t already!

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