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Top Poker Strategies to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Poker is a skill-based game where you can evaluate your probability / odds of winning at various stages. Know how to improve your odds of winning in online poker.

Poker has gained widespread popularity over the years. This skill-based card game has been existing for a long while, and its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds owing to the emergence of world poker tournaments, poker being shown LIVE on TV, and the ever-increasing demand for online poker. Access to online poker has never been this easy – you can play poker at any time of the day and from anywhere (in the comfort of your home or while travelling or sitting in the garden). All you require is a good device and internet connectivity, along with a good poker strategy to create winning opportunities.

While you may be one of those who plays poker game for the entertainment value it brings to the table, it is so engaging that once you start playing, your only objective becomes to win the game. Of course, you cannot win every time. The idea is always to maximise your winnings and for that purpose, you need to continuously analyse the odds of you winning the poker game at every stage. If the odds are very bad, you can think of folding your cards as an option. However, you need to work on your game so that you can come up with strategies that can increase your odds of winning. Let us find out how!

Respect the Learning Curve

Avoid playing high-stakes games as a newbie or less experienced poker player. One of the top poker tactics is to start out with low-stakes poker games. This means that even if you happen to commit any errors, they may not be costly. Thus, you will get time to learn from your mistakes and improve with every game. Here, you are less likely to find a lot of the poker experts or professional players, as the majority of them are seen on tables with high stakes. Once you get more exposure, you will improve your skills and strategies, which will make you battle-ready for the games with high stakes.

Play More Tables

They say “practice makes a man perfect”. And practice does make you a better poker player with every cash table or  tournament that you play. This can make you well-equipped to win more games as you evolve as a player. A smart poker strategy plays as many tables at low stakes as possible. In fact, with online poker, you can even opt for multi-tabling, which involves you playing poker on more than one table at the same time. This way, you can create more opportunities to win in poker.

Don’t Let Opponents Read Your Game Easily

When you play online poker, your playing style gets watched by smarter poker players on your table. A good online poker strategy will be to ensure that none of your opponents can find out your exact playing style. In other words, don’t be too predictable by playing tight in all the games for almost three hours at the same table. This will be way too easy for your opponents to find out, and they will start folding immediately as soon as you start playing further.

While you may still win those games, the pot size could be a lot smaller. So, try and mix it up by playing tight in certain rounds, while going aggressive in certain others. This will confuse your opponents and you could then potentially increase your odds of winning.

Opt for Selective Bluffing

Are you someone who bluffs a lot in poker? Or does your basic poker strategy not include bluffing at all? Either of these options might not be an ideal one. If you bluff a lot, you might end up losing more chips and not having enough of them when you really need. If you don’t bluff at all, your opponents would spot it sooner or later and avoid raising against you unless they have a very strong hand. You have to choose the middle path – which is bluff occasionally. This will make your opponents believe that here is a player who can bluff smartly and they might end up playing into your hands in other rounds when you are actually not bluffing.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned poker game strategies will help you to become a more compact poker player. Your ideal poker strategy should be focused on improving your pot odds / winning odds. When you play online poker regularly, you will be able to adjust this strategy to different variants like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, and so on. Go to MPL app now and start playing your preferred poker game!


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