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Top Rummy Game Tricks to Sharpen Your Rummy Skills

Want to sharpen your rummy skills and win more online rummy games on a consistent basis? Learn a few rummy tricks and start implementing them as discussed below.

Have you played a few games of online rummy? You would have realized by now that rules of the online rummy game are quite straight-forward. Even an absolute beginner can find it relatively easy to understand the rummy rules and guidelines. However, the challenging part starts when you have to come up with different strategies in different situations to give yourself the best chance of forming the sequences and sets.

Your rummy skills come into the picture as you start sorting your cards, picking up new ones from the draw/discard pile, and forming the meld. You may come across good hands, average hands, or some bad hands at the start. It is how you utilise your skills and apply the right strategies that can possibly help you to turn the game around even when you have average hands or bad hands. This is why it is important for you to continuously work on your rummy skills and sharpen them. Remember, you may have learned about rummy quickly, but the process of mastering the game is a long and continuous one. Let us go through some of the important tricks that can help you enhance your skills in rummy.

Creating an Illusion for Your Opponents

One of the key skills, when you play rummy online, is keeping an eye on your opponent’s moves. You need to be vigilant about the cards that your opponents discard or pick. This information can help you to stay ahead of the opponents. How? The trick ensures you do not discard any cards which are closer to the cards that you have seen them pick. It is not just about you trying to go for the win, but also about not allowing the opponent to win.

Doing the Bluff

You can try the trick of throwing a card which is closer to your important card as part of a sequence or set. This would create an illusion for the opponents that you do not require such types of cards, and they may end up discarding such cards, helping you in the bargain. This rummy trick is purely aimed at making your opponents discard cards that you require to complete your sequence or set. It is not an easy trick to master, so you need a lot of practice before you can implement it during competitive rummy games. This is one of the popular rummy tricks used by many expert rummy players.

Don’t Let Your Opponents Read Your Combination

Just like we discussed about observing your opponents closely, some of them might also be keeping a track of the cards that you throw away in the discard pile. And they would also make a note of any card that you pick from the open deck. Here is the catch: if you need two or more cards to form a combination (sequence or set), and one of the favorable cards is in the open deck, you may want to avoid picking it up. The reason is a smart opponent could possibly try and hold up any related cards which you require to complete that sequence or set. So, as much as possible, do try to avoid picking up the card from the open deck, unless that card is the last card for a sequence or set that you form.

Be Alert to Possibilities of Sequences Having More Than 3 Cards

One of the important rummy game tricks is to focus on forming sequences first before you concentrate on sets. Your win can be possible only when you have those two sequences ready. A lot of newbie rummy players make sequences of three cards and then aim to make more sequences or sets. But, while doing so, you have to be alert if you come across any favourable card which can fit in as the fourth card for an existing sequence (yes, a sequence can have four cards). This will reduce your burden for fitting all cards for the other sequences or sets.

Ensuring Flexibility with Joker Card or Wildcard

Say you get a joker at the start of the game. There is a likelihood that you fit it in an arrangement for some sequence. But, don’t be rigid about the use of the joker. Keep options open such that your joker usage can be changed at the last minute. For example, depending on the game situation, you may even use the joker card (not the picture joker) in a pure sequence (which you found difficult to complete) by considering the real value of that joker card. Such flexible use of the joker can sometimes help you to complete your card groupings much faster than it seemed initially.

Final Thoughts

As you play more rummy games, you will understand different ways of using your rummy skills. Some of the above-discussed online rummy tricks could help you in making your card groupings faster and even delay the meld formation of your opponents. All of them are aimed towards helping you master your skills and also master the rummy game. Start practicing them on the MPL app and win real cash daily. 


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