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Top Tips to Beat Strong Opponents in Online Chess

It feels alright to win against online chess players of your caliber, but if you want to win against players who are better than you, the thrill is of a different level. Read more to learn about related tips.


A game of chess can teach you many things, from technicalities of the game to life lessons. If you want a package that includes both of these in heavy amounts, then competing against a stronger player is the way to go. You learn a lot of new moves, openings and strategies and you also take home a few valuable life lessons if you are wise enough.If you do not have someone around you that plays better than you, then playing a chess game online is the way to go. You will meet thousands of players who are leagues above you. An online chess game is your best bet since you won’t have the anxiety of competing against a stronger player face to face and that would allow you to learn more. Some of the tips to beat stronger opponents when you play chess online are discussed later in this article.

Play Actively

If you play against an opponent who is stronger than you, do not resort to playing in defensive mode. If you are not comfortable in attacking, play chess online just with the motive to improve your attacking style. Playing in defensive mode will give the impression that you are scared of your opponent.

Do Not Exchange Too Much

Playing actively also doesn’t mean exchanging your pieces whenever you get the chance. Experienced players do it because they can play with few pieces at hand and they need the chessboard to not be crowded. This is difficult for a new player to pull off, so when you play chess, avoid exchanging too many pieces.

Don’t Aim for a Draw

Too many naive players are under the impression that they could lead the game to a draw if they just start exchanging material. Soon, they are left with none and lose the game because a stronger player would have a better endgame strategy and they would know how to play with limited pieces. If you still wish to do so, master your endgame strategy by playing an online chess game.

Don’t Judge Based on Ratings

It is not wise to underestimate your opponent based on their rating, they might have had a bad streak which affected their rating. So ratings aren’t always the best way to judge a player. Similarly, do not assume a player is strong just because their rating is high. Especially when you play chess online.

Keep Your King Safe

The entire point of chess is to protect your king. So make sure you are not bringing your king as an active chess piece amidst the game. Castle in the beginning and keep it surrounded with your pieces, away from the enemy’s range. A vulnerable king is equivalent to handing over your win to the opponent.

Spread Out Your Pieces

Do not keep your pieces tightly packed such that it becomes hard to navigate on the board. Improve their attacking range by spreading them out across the board and use your pawns to support them. This is one way to ensure that you play an active and attacking game.

Value Developed Pieces

A developed piece is the one which has infiltrated on the enemy’s side and has the potential to attack a lot of pieces. Avoid exchanging such pieces that have barely moved on the opponent’s side and are inactive. This is not a fair exchange.

Keep the Material Equal

Your opponent will have an advantage over you if they have more material than you. So if your pieces are captured, try to capture their pieces as well and maximize damage on their end. Equal material means now your opponent cannot have an edge over you, at least they cannot outnumber you.

Look for Opportunities

Observe your opponent’s gameplay and keep an eye out for any mistakes and blunders they make. These may be silly mistakes but they will be of great advantage to you. At the same time, learn to differentiate between a mistake and an intentional trap. Play chess online to learn more about blunders and how to avoid mistakes in your game.

Final Thoughts

Keep these things in mind and you might be able to play chess against stronger opponents with a little bit of effort. A great place to start would be a chess game online, you can start by playing on the MPL online chess application. As much as it is a game of skill, confidence in your abilities will also get you far ahead as you go about playing chess online.


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