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Use Tickets as a Discount in the MPL Cash Contests

Do you find yourself coming back to the MPL Fantasy app to play more and more contests? Perhaps, you could use a little discount while playing cash contests. We have just the right thing in store for you. You can now use the plug-in tickets for a discount in the cash contests. Here’s all that you need to know about what tickets are and how you can use them.

What are tickets?

When you select a match on the MPL fantasy app, you will see multiple contests that you can enter. These contests are categorized into 10 categories some of which are Grand Contest, Beginners’ Contest, Monster Contest, VIP Contest, Head-to-Head, and more. In some of these cash contests, you can spot a yellow ticket on the right side of the contest. The yellow ticket is available next to the entry fee for that contest. These tickets will provide you with some discount on the entry fee of the contest.

MPL Cash Contest Ticket

How can you use tickets?

Not all cash contests offer discount tickets. You can use the tickets only for the cash contests they are available for. When you want to enter a contest that has the yellow ticket on the entry fee, tap on the green icon to enter the contest. Upon tapping, you will see a breakup of the available winnings and deposit cash in your account, the bonus cash (if allowed), and an option to pay using the ticket. You may have to unlock the ticket if you haven’t subscribed to MPL VIP. With this subscription, you can get access to play exclusive VIP events, get 2% extra cash winnings, and get tickets worth INR 150 to join the cash contests.

Use Tickets

Enjoy discounts on the cash contests and build your fantasy teams with the best players to win exciting cash prizes.

Where can you find your tickets?

When you open the MPL fantasy app, you’ll find a wallet icon on the top right corner of the app. On tapping that icon, you will be led to a screen with different offers, cash balance, and token balance on your account. Under the offers tab, you can find the ‘Tickets’ option. Tap on the tickets option and all the available tickets on your account will appear. You can use the tickets to get free entry into cash events or get some discount on the entry fee. Only one ticket is issued in a day and users can use more than one ticket if they have unlocked tickets on that particular day.

MPL wallet
Discount Tickets

Here are the other app enhancements made by MPL for a seamless fantasy cricket experience.

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