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Virgil van Dijk: The Great Wall of Liverpool

‘I’m never nervous. If you’re nervous, you limit your quality”

Virgil van Dijk (The Liverpool’s Wunderkind)

This statement cannot come from anyone else other than one of the best defenders in the world who is lovingly known as ‘Vig’ by his fans. Yes, you guessed it right; we are going to talk at length about the 28 years old soccer sensation of Liverpool the Dutch footballer Virgil van Dijk.

The voyage of this young football prodigy is commendable as his beginning was small. He gradually became immensely popular for his seamless defending skills globally. Excited to dig even more and know it all about the Netherlands’ soccer team’s captain? So are we and hence without further ado let’s commence the roller coaster ride.

How About Starting With Brushing up Vig’s Childhood?

The 6 feet 4 inches tall Cancerian footballer was born on 8th July 1991 in a notable Dutch city Breda situated in the Netherlands. He had a passion for soccer since his childhood but his early days weren’t that easy. 

Vig worked as a dishwasher when he was a teen and had some health issues. Besides, the separation of his parents affected his mental peace. However, these personal obstacles never stopped Virgil from earning the spot of a top-notch athlete and reaching the zenith of one of the world’s most famous sports soccer.

What Is Vig’s Style of Play That Has Earned Him the Global Recognition in the Football Sphere?

Virgil is someone who is blessed with precise technique, pace and an eye for spotting the smallest detail. He has a physically robust stature and is known to be one of the best right-footed center backs in the soccer world. 

Football enthusiasts love his amazing defending skills and a couple of free-kicks that he scored for his Scottish club Celtic. Virgil possesses a magical aura and oodles of poise which help him in reading the game well and strategies his moves accordingly.

How the Career Graph of the World’s Best Center-Back Looks Like?

Vig began to play soccer for the Willem II academy when he was fairly young. His amazing defending skills brought him to the attention of Martin Koeman and he scouted him to join the popular Dutch soccer club FC Groningen in 2010.

Initially, Vig struggled to make it in the playing squad. In 2011 he played his debut game for the club in UEFA Europa League and seized seven goals in 62 appearances. His performance became the talk of the town and he garnered global attention from soccer lovers.

The footballer devoted three years of his career to the soccer giant. In 2103 he signed a four-year agreement with the Scottish football club Celtic valued £ 2.6 million. 

Virgil played the best soccer for this club as well and as a result of his remarkable game, he bagged the Scottish Premiership and won the Scottish Championship Cup. He made it to the list of PFA Scotland team of the year for two consecutive seasons.

Celtic allowed him to take part in the esteemed UEFA Champions League campaign of 2015/16. Overall, Vig’s span with the Scottish football club was quite fulfilling as playing in some of the world’s top-notch championships allowed him to gain global recognition in the soccer landscape.

The year 2016 came with another twist as Virgil signed a five-year bond with the well-known Premier League squad Southampton over a transfer emolument worth £13 million. 

Here Vig bonded well with another amazing defender Jose Fonte and together they lead the club to one of their best finishes in the sixth season. Also, the soccer star won the honor of Southampton Player of the Season in 2015/16.

2018 can be termed as the turning point of Vig’s career as he was signed by one of the biggest soccer brands Liverpool FC.It’s believed that the club paid £75 million fees for the defender which is a record amount in football’s history.

However, as always Virgil has proved his skills for the English soccer giant by grabbing the winning goal in his debut match in FA Cup. Along with Dejan Lovren who is another soccer gem Vig enhanced the defense line-up for Liverpool and became one of the integral pillars who helped the soccer club perform its best in the UEFA Champions League. Unfortunately, they lost the title to Madrid. However, Vig’s phenomenal performance earned him a spot in the championship’s Squad of the season.

Why Virgil Is Called The Defending Backbone Of Liverpool FC?

After the exciting league of 2017-18 Vig’s spirit was commendable in the last season. He came with a magical vigor and became the youth icon for young defenders all across the world. 

The club, however, managed to secure the second place in EPL standings but Virgil proved his skills once again in August and grabbed the award for the club’s Standard Chartered player of the month. Another golden feather added to the footballer’s cap when he earned the award for the PFA Player of the month.

The last year was extremely special for this young defender as along with the aforementioned honors he grabbed the captaincy for his native Netherlands. In December the same year, Vig won the title of Premier League Player of the month. Besides, the PFA player of the season is another addition to the amazing scorecard of our beloved defender.

Virgil’s flawless performance in UEFA Champions League earned his team the prestigious title and he got the recognition as the tournament’s Man of the Match. He captured the honor for the league’s player of the season and the nominations for The Best FIFA Men’s Player where he stood as the runner up. Vig won the title of FIFA FIFpro Men’s World 11, demonstrating his defender skills that make the youth follow him. 

Want To Look At The Excellent Stats That Earned Vig These Honors?

The dark-brown eyed soccer icon has given numerous phenomenal performances, some of which can be treasured for a lifetime. Let’s look at the stats of this young defender with every club he has been part of to date:

1. FC Groningen: Vig’s Struggling Era Due To Personal Hardships

In spite of some personal matters, Vig scored seven goals for this soccer club in 66 matches among which he made 62 appearances in the league games. The scorecard is not something to die for but this was just the beginning of the birth of a soccer icon whose future was loaded with many surprises and rewards.

2. Celtic: Another Significant Pillar in Shaping Virgil’s International Soccer Journey

The span with this Scottish club proved to be a little better for Vig as he scored 15 goals in 115 appearances including all the tournaments. He earned a couple of honors when playing with the club and hence this period is extremely special when reviewing Virgil’s soccer journey to date.

3. Southampton: The Time That Witnessed the Biggest Twist in Vig’s Professional Voyage

While playing for this football club, Virgil scored only seven goals in 80 appearances but this was the time when he came in the eyes of one of the biggest soccer brands, Liverpool FC and his international football career rose high from there.

4. Liverpool: The Golden Time for the Young Soccer Sensation

The associated with one of the most popular football clubs allowed Virgil to shape his professional journey and earn global respect for his defending superpowers. He made 37 goals in 352 appearances that helped the soccer powerhouse prove its supremacy in a few more tournaments. Now, Vig is associated with this English club only and everyone’s waiting to witness many more amazing moves from the youth soccer heartthrob.

As of now, the net worth of this young defender is approximately $20 million. Also, he is enjoying the tag for the face of the celebrated FIFA 20 video game.

What’s cooking at Virgil’s Personal Front?

Well, the young and vibrant soccer icon is treasuring the nuptial bond with his childhood beloved Rike Nooitgedagt. The couple is blessed with a five-year-old baby girl named Nila. They make a lovely family and can be spotted enjoying together at many locations by fans.

How The Soccer Legend Is Showcased On The Red Carpet of Fantasy Football?

Vig is believed to be one of the must-haves in your virtual team for playing fantasy soccer. He has earned the spot for one of the most expensive defenders in the house because of his excellent defending skills and the level of confidence he brings to the ground. Soccer lovers just love his aura and he is among the hot favorites for building a supers team for exploring the fantasy football landscape.

Vig proved his professional soccer abilities from his very first appearance and after that, he has never looked back. The Liverpool FC star is world-wide celebrated for his amazing leadership qualities, stamina, and aerial knack. Considering he is aged only 28 we are looking for seeking pleasure in many more action-packed football games where we would be witnessing his extraordinary defensive expertise and contagious oomph.

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