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WCC2 Game – Experience the thrill of Real Cricket Online

Cricket is like a religion here in India and people celebrate it like a festival. Cricket somewhere impacts the life of a cricket lover. Several new talents are emerging nowadays but they are not getting a worthy platform to showcase their cricketing skills. Cricket lovers with appreciable skills have a platform already and that is the WCC2 online cricket game.

WCC2 is a revolutionary online cricket game that brings a new version of playing cricket. The users of WCC2 mobile games are expanding at a fast pace. WCC2 game has crossed 100+ million downloads and more than 2+ million are regularly playing online cricket and portraying their skills with the help of great platforms.

WCC2 entertains and satisfies its users with varied features, professional commentary, high-quality animations, advanced AI, real-time motion capture, multiplayer features, professional cricket with exceptional skills, and many more. Basically WCC2 mobile game presents a wholesome realistic online cricket game that every cricket lover desires for. Let’s take an in-depth look at WCC2 mobile game and how with WCC2 you will experience unimaginable thrill while playing an online cricket game.

Unique and Exceptional Features:

WCC2 mobile game is the complete package of unique and exceptional features that will overwhelm the user experience to the core. Some of the foremost features are:

  • You can play this game both online as well as offline mode.
  • Professional commentary experience while playing both in English and Hindi language.
  • Various and innovative ground sounds to give a more realistic feel.
  • Analysis of the player’s success and failures with the software to showcase visuals (cut-scenes).
  • Throw different types of challenges on the way of the player according to their skills and expertise.
  • The game offers 150 batting formations and 29 bowling actions to give a more pragmatic feel to the user.
  • Challenge your competitors and rise in the leader-board with multiplayer mode.

WCC2 is an Engaging Game:

With WCC2 mobile game’s unique and exceptional features it has undoubtedly become a socially engaging game. Take a look at some of the features of this most engaging online cricket game:

  • You can challenge your friends or family through “Challenge a Friend” mode and can play online matches with them.
  • The best thing about the WCC2 online cricket game is you can play the new version of cricket from your home itself during the COVID pandemic.
  • You can operate from your mobile phone easily and can get rid of boredom after a long tiring day.
  • You can connect your friends and family from their respective locations and unleash the great experience of a lively game of classic cricket.
  • You can create your gang and challenge the opponent gang for a match through “Gangs of Cricket” mode. We usually create a gang and challenge our rival gang for a cricket match. This is similar to the usual ground challenge which is recreated in a very innovative manner where players can create a gang and challenge other teams in a virtual world.
  • You have the option to edit your team of 11 players by allocating their new names and changing their positions in the game.

Deep Dive into the Renewed Experience of Playing Cricket 

WCC2 mobile game is like the best opportunity for cricket fans to play cricket with its renewed version to satisfy their desire of playing cricket and get wholly immersed into the ethos of cricket. Here are the key features of how WCC2 mobile games will renew the experience of cricket.

  • Multiple camera setup and ultra slow-motion replays provide full-motion captured actions of bowling, batting, and fielding.
  • Different latest cricket techniques have been used such as Hot-Spot for LBW and Ultra-Edge for edge to provide users a pragmatic experience.
  • Give diversified options to play cricket with various popular tournaments like WorldT20, World Cup, and many more leagues.
  • The fascinating stadiums for great engrossment with best lighting and pitches for the mesmerizing look and great experience.
  • The hype of batting and balling with this new experience of online cricket is real. Hit your favorite six with diversified shots like Upper-Cut, Helicopter, and the Dil-Scoop.
  • WCC2 involves a magnificent experience of fielding with remarkable diving catches and quick throws.
  • 3D graphics with high-quality animations and realistic situations used in the game is the main essence of WCC2 game. This keeps you engaged and enhances the experience of playing online cricket.

Final Thoughts 

Deep dive into the mesmerizing and thrilling experience of the WCC2 online cricket game. Test your skills and achieve supremacy as you play cricket online. Relieve your soul after a long tiring day by playing your favorite cricket game on mobile. So, download the MPL app now and start playing real cricket in the online world!


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