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WCC2 Game: How this Online Cricket Game Provides Real-time Fun?

There are many online cricket games available online, but most of them do not provide the real-life experience and thrill that comes when you are watching a Dhoni or a Virat Kohli hit a six. Well, there is another online cricket game and that is, WCC2 mobile game which serves the best real-time experience exactly the way a cricket fan wants.

Some people think that online cricket games are not worthy and fail in providing real-time experience, we assume that those people have not tried WCC2 online cricket game yet. The World Cricket Championship has all the qualities that a cricket lover wants in an online cricket game, obviously great features, entertainment, and most importantly real fun. Well, the WCC2 mobile game has it all and so much more beyond expectations that any cricket lover will be happy to indulge in. you do not believe it? Give it a try.

World Cricket Championship 2 serves as a platform for every cricket enthusiast to showcase their hidden cricket skills and also encourage aspiring cricketers to test their capability to play real-time cricket. This is the reason WCC2 mobile games have crossed 50+ million downloads and over 150 countries are indulging in WCC2 gaming.

WCC2 is a successful game that serves its users with a variety of features, graphics, animations, different variants, and a smooth gaming experience, which is fantastic in its way and appreciable. If you want to know more about how WCC2 online cricket game is taking cricket fans to the world of real fun, then read along.

Your Go-to Game For Real-Life Experience:

Playing in different stadiums:

WCC2 is your go-to game, name any feature that WCC2 can not provide. You will feel like you are representing India and the fate of the 11 players of your team is in your hands. You will get to play in 42 different stadiums with 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams.

Formats and tournaments of cricket:

You get to play 3 match formats that are ODI, Test Cricket, and T20. You also have access to 11 different tournaments such as ODI Series, World T20 Cup, Asian Cup, World Cup, NPL, Blitz Tournament, Ashes-to-Ashes, and many more. You will experience live event modules like Hot Events featuring the on-going matches and other interesting modes like World Tour, Ganga of Cricket, and Challenge a Friend.

Character customization and match highlights:

WCC2 provides additional features like character customization where users can do a complete makeover of their players with customization features. You can change facial features, accessories, and many more, as there are about 30,000 different characters. You can see match highlights at the end of the game which features all the best shots, deliveries, and catches throughout the match. You can also share with your friends and family over social media through the Shout board feature of the game.

Authentic 3D graphics and animations:

WCC2 provides authentic 3D graphics and animations like realistic lighting, cinema camera effects, scintillating animations, and multiple camera angles. It provides a hawk-eye view for bowling summary & LBW appeals and also shows Ultra slow motion Action replays. It has over 40+ in-game camera angles to give a perfect look of the game, so you can not miss any shot. It has 2 different batting camera settings which are at the bowler’s end and other batsman’s end. You get to play in night mode in Quickplay and all tournaments with LED stumps, to give you a high-quality experience.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer mode is the ultimate feature that will take you to the real world of fun while playing cricket. You get to play online and offline 1v1 multiplayer with Online Rivals and Local Rivals or you can also challenge anyone from your friends/family through Challenge a friend mode. Online 1v1 multiplayer mode is especially for online rivals, where you can challenge anyone from all over the world. Offline 1v1 multiplayer mode is specially designed to challenge any of your local rivals within your reach, you can challenge your friends or family for fun and there is no requirement of the internet for it.

Natural Hindrances:

While playing the WCC2 online cricket game you will get to experience hindrances like rain interruption and the very known D/L method to give you a real life experience. You will get to experience the realistic ball physics that responds to the pitch when it’s dusty, dead, or green. You will also notice that the facial expressions and emotions of the fielder’s changes according to the circumstances in the match and Batsman can also get injured for poor shot selection. All the things make WCC2 online cricket a real-life cricket.

Final Thoughts:

World Cricket Championship 2 is the next generation mobile cricket game that does not give its users any chance to complain and takes them to the world of real fun. Every feature of WCC2 online cricket game makes it more powerful and realistic. Download the MPL online cricket app now and start playing the WCC2 game.


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