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WCC2 Game – Things to Remember about this Popular Online Cricket Game!

Do you wish to play cricket games like a professional cricketer? Fulfill your wish of playing the World Cricket Championship on the WCC2 mobile game. Know more in this article!

In India cricket is like a religion and it is celebrated like a festival. Every cricket lover dreams to be a professional cricketer and play for their country. However, everyone can’t represent the Indian team. Well, you can play cricket online and make use of your cricket skills.

You can accomplish your dream of playing cricket with a team of professional players and in world-class stadiums. Play WCC2 online cricket games and get a chance to play with your own team of professional players in the best stadiums in the world. The WCC2 mobile game serves with real-time experience with high-quality graphics, best batting, and bowling shots, experienced players, and unimaginable experience of playing in the World Cricket Championship.

If you want to know more about WCC2 mobile games, then you should keep reading this article. We have explained all about the WCC2 mobile game and its features and facts that you need to know before playing the WCC2 online cricket game.

Exciting Features of WCC2 Game:

WCC2 is loaded with stunning features that will give you a real-life experience of playing cricket. Let’s talk about WCC2 online cricket game features:

  • You can decide on the location where you want to play a match. You can play matches in any of your favorite stadiums with your own team.
  • There are a variety of batting and bowling shots available in the WCC2 online cricket game, where you can showcase your talent by playing the right shot at the right time.
  • The most valuable batting shots such as the Upper cute, Dil-scoop, and the helicopter shots are available which are everyone’s favorite shots.
  • WCC2 game offers 150+ different batting animations with 29 bowling actions to make the game more fun and exciting to play.
  • WCC2 game offers 1vN and 1v1 online multiplayer mode for a different type of gaming experience.
  • The online 1vN is a multiplayer batting mode in which all the players do batting at the same time. The player who scores the highest points initially wins.
  • WCC2 also serves with the umpire and toss animations and new fielding with 110+ new batting shots.
  • With the WCC2 game, you can enjoy ultra slow-motion action replays for a clear picture of the shots with multiple camera angles and you can also see match highlights that are generated at the end of the match.
  • You will also get to experience real-life situations such as misfielding, stunning wicket keeper catches, quick stumpings, and 3rd umpire decisions. You will also get to face challenging experiences such as climate changes etc, for a realistic experience.
  • You can play live against other players with two online multiplayer modes. You can also invite players from your friends and family for a 1v1 match and enjoy the never-ending experience of playing WCC2 online cricket.
  • WCC2 game consists of mind-blowing 3D graphics that will provide you a realistic experience while playing online cricket, you will like you are playing on-field cricket.
  • WCC2’s latest version provides 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams. It also comes with 24 different stadiums at different locations to give you a diversified cricket experience.
  • WCC2 mobile game comes with multiple tournaments, Blitz tournaments, test series, 4+ championships that include World cup, World T20 and ODI series, and many more different kinds of events.

Facts About WCC2 Game:

  • WCC2 is one of the top-most played online cricket games around the world, this online cricket game comes under the Nextwave Multimedia Banner.
  • WCC2 is the sequel of the WCC franchise and probably it is the most popular game of the whole WCC franchise.
  • In the play store, WCC2 is in the top 10 games in the editor’s choice section and it is the game with the most number of downloads.
  • WCC2 has crossed over 140+ million downloads and the downloading numbers are increasing at their fastest pace. This game has the highest number of active users.
  • WCC2 online cricket game won the people’s choice award for the best game in PM Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge. It is developed by an Indian talent.
  • There are 3 variants of the game and all of the variants are available in the Play Store. WCC Lite is developed for the users who have low-end devices and can not store much, it has 38 MB storage in devices that makes it a lighter version to use.
  • WCC2 is one of the smooth running, authentic and dynamic online cricket games, it is the most excellent game for aspiring cricket talents.

Final Thoughts:

World Cricket Championship 2 is the most fun and challenging online cricket game that will keep you glued up to the screen. It is the best game for cricket fans to beat the boredom and chase their dreams of playing cricket on-field. The WCC2 game presents you with a world-class real-time cricket experience that is worth it to dive into. So, just go ahead and play this online cricket game on the MPL app now!


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