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WCC2 Game – Top Reasons to Play This Online Cricket Game!

Want to chase your dream of playing cricket? Technically you can do it by playing WCC2 online cricket for a real-time experience. Read further to know the reasons for playing this game!

With the next century of Virat Kohli, everyone wants to be like him. Many of us have a passion and a huge interest in this game called Cricket. Perhaps not everyone got the chance to be on the field. But what if you can chase your dream to be a cricketer? Well, you can, keep reading.

So for the energetic and passionate people around the globe here, Nextwave Multimedia presented World Cricket Championship 2. WCC2 is a fantastic and dynamic online cricket game which you can play on a mobile phone, it leads you to the next level in the world of cricket. The advanced animation, 3D graphics, and various features of multiplayer and varieties of modes of cricket will surely make you a pro cricket player.

WCC2 provides a whole different and exciting world of cricket. In a day to day advancement in technology, the World Cricket Championship invites you to play cricket from your home which provides a real-life experience with the help of great animations, features like costumes and commentary, different kinds of cricket shots, multiplayer cricket game where you can challenge your friends and family.

WCC2 is an ultimate option to beat boredom after a long tiring day. WCC2 is the second game in the WCC franchise which is also the most popular and loved sequel of the franchise. The WCC2 game has crossed over 50+ million downloads in the play store which is epic in itself. This game is developed in India which is now a global hit that engages users from over 150 countries. We have come up with 5 reasons to play World Cricket Championship 2 every day for fun and entertainment.

  1. Great Animations and Graphics-  

Unlike the other online cricket games, WCC2 creates a real scenario of a cricket match with the help of high-quality animations. It consists of great graphics and animation of players and audience with all possible views of the stadium. WCC2 mobile game provided 150 different batting action and 29 bowling action with synchronizing animations like ultra slow-motion replays and several actions like misfielding, wicket-keeper catches, umpire toss, and third umpire decisions that will help you to enjoy the online cricket game experience for sure.

2. Unique and Fantastic Shots and Actions –  

In real life, every batsman has his own techniques and cricket shots that definitely hit the ball beyond the boundaries. You also can enjoy different varieties of cricket shots like the particular player would hit like Helicopter shot, Uppercut, Dil-scoop, 360 degree and many more than 110+ shots of different players with the same technique and style to score more runs in different ways. It also consists of different bowling styles in their unique way and style with slow-motion action replays.

3. Multiplayer Options 

WCC provides you a special feature called multiplayer mode, in which you can play cricket games with your friends at the same time. In this, both of the players will play online cricket games at the same time and whoever made more runs will be the winner. It comes with 1v1 and 1vN option and a 2vs2 real-time cricket multiplayer feature, you can play and enjoy the superb experience with your friends and colleagues anytime and anywhere around the globe.

4. Different Types of Modes 

As we know Cricket is a very popular game, it has different types of formats and rules. The World Cricket Championship enables all the modes for you to play cricket online. This online cricket playing game has various modes like Quick/ instant match, world cup, Champions league, Gangs of cricket, challenge a friend and many more to provide you with a never-ending and exciting experience. It also gives you the chance to play in 42 different stadiums with 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams, you can select your favorite team and can enjoy different modes you love the most.

5. Availability of Various Features 

World Cricket Championship online cricket game is a full entertainment package and comes with all unique features that a passionate cricket fan or a player would ask for. You can select and arrange your team in sequence, you can also choose the players as per your norms and can modify it by switching the players. WCC2 online cricket game comes with 18 different languages that provide a diversified experience for all the players around the world. WCC2 online cricket game provides you one smart feature by which you can save your game and can play later and also you can share your match highlights that covers all the aspects of the match.

Final Thoughts: 

Cricket has unparalleled popularity all over the world and because of this COVID pandemic we all got caught up inside the home. In this situation, the WCC2 online cricket game comes to the rescue in which you can play cricket game online from the comfort of your home and which provides an authentic real-life cricket gaming experience. Download the MPL cricket app and play the WCC2 game now!


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